What Happens In Chicago, Stays In Chicago

Who is running the Bustos campaign—-Maggie Depoorter?

When Cheri Bustos (D-NARAL) was asked about her infamous 10% pledge by the Chicago Tribune’s Eric Zorn, rather than offer a straight and honest answer, her campaign directed Zorn to an article in the Peoria Journal Star where she made this astounding statement to a reporter:

“When I was in Chicago I said something I shouldn’t have said, but I never said it on the campaign trail. I never made it as a promise to the people of the 17th Congressional District.”

Well, alrighty then.

I really don’t understand why she allows this to continue and it seems she is as baffled by those intertubes thingees as Phil Hare was. Didn’t she get the memo that the internet is forever and no matter where you say or do something, somebody will find it and use it against you?

Earlier it would have been easy to fix this, but that window of opportunity has probably closed now.

The DCCC has an ad that hits Schilling about his “walking away” in Freeport and it too late for him to fix THAT, but Bustos’ 10% problem was a mistake that a month ago could have easily been corrected—but was not.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

4 thoughts on “What Happens In Chicago, Stays In Chicago”

  1. Schilling is so far behind that he better sharpen his attacks to issues people actually care about. GOTCHA ain’t cutting it QCe.

  2. Former Madigan staffer Rich Miller has a post up about Bustos’ meeting with the editorial board of her old employer the QCTimes, again saying she made a mistake but she ain’t gonna give the money back.

    Also included is Schilling’s response and a new ad from his campaign. Maybe some other stuff—the back and forth on this is starting to resemble a tennis match!

    You’d think that now that her husband got clouted into the position of county Sheriff with a pay raise, she could afford to part with $38K—but no. She must be pretty confident this issue will not resonate with the electorate, otherwise she would have have handled this issue in a different way.

    Or Maggie DePoorter is running her campaign. đŸ˜€

  3. You know very well who Maggie DePoorter is, but for those who are new here, Ms DePoorter was Phil Hare’s campaign manager for the ’10 election—need I say more? The Philster was beaten like a rented mule, even though he had multiple advantages, including $$$$, and lost his home county of Rock Island by 9 freakin’ points.

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