Sex, Lies & Selfies

Illinois AG Lisa Madigan has released hundreds of pages of documents from the investigation of former RICo Sheriff Jeff Boyd and QCOnline has the juicy details:

**Both Boyd and his victim, known only as AF, claim that no sex happened, but this statement by Boyd is possibly creepier than sex:

“I’ve sat in saunas with her, I’ve talked to her, I’ve been this close to her, I’ve never even shaken that girl’s hand, that woman’s and, I’ve never, I haven’t rubbed her feet, I haven’t, no, there’s nothing.”

Hmmmm, maybe it was Bill Clinton’s definition of “sex” they were using. 😀

***sent hundreds of text messages to her and became angry and abusive when she didn’t reply

***then there’s this juicy bit: “He also sent a topless picture of himself, which was released by Ms. Madigan’s office.”

Hey, quit holding out on us QCO! Spill, baby!

***He threatened to send AF to jail for driving without a license, which I didn’t understand because illegals can now get driver’s licenses in Illinois, so why didn’t she just do it and shut him down?

***After AF reported Boyd to the authorities, they got a court order to install a tracking device on his vehicle. Neat, huh? The guy that usually get to do the tracking is tracked himself.

***Boyd spilled his guts to RICo SA McGehee and wanted him to represent him, but McGehee declined with a “don’t ask, don’t tell” number on Boyd.

There’s much more at the link which you should read since my abstract of the article doesn’t really do it justice.

This whole sorry saga is alternately creepy, scary and amusing—like a Lifetime chick flick.

I don’t know anything about that wise Latina AF, but she should bottle her wisdom and courage and sell it to victims of abuse. It would be frightening enough to be stalked, threatened and intimidated by any man, but when that man has the extra power existing behind a badge, it is nothing short of amazing that this lady was able to break his grip, do the right thing for herself, and see he paid the price for his disgusting actions.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

16 thoughts on “Sex, Lies & Selfies”

  1. What is it that Bill Bloom admired so much with Sheriff Boyd that he decided to not field a candidate against.

    Was it his boyish good looks.

    I hope that it wasn’t his foot rubbing ability.

  2. The only thing fumbles learned was to get a side of gravy for his hashbrowns next Wednesday at the Ronald Reagan Breakfast Club!

  3. Don’t forget that Steffen was chair up to and including the primary and he didn’t see fit to field a sheriff candidate either, in fact from comments here the consensus was that “Boyd was basically a Republican”.

    Shall we start calling Steffen “Stumbles”? 😀

  4. More information is dribbling out about this via QCOnline:

    ***AF was proposing a deal wherein she could drive anywhere without being hassled by the cops for not having a license, but a some point Boyd balked saying in a February 21 text:

    “There’s a lot in my world that will be getting some media exposure between now and mid March…I want it to be positive, not why did you do this sheriff?”

    Well, do tell—hey, is there an election coming up?

    ***AF says if he doesn’t call off his goons and let her drive where she wants when she wants, she will report him for “violating her civil rights”.
    What a hoot!

    ***Then there was this text from AF: “Do whatever you want. I ask very little, you could lose a lot.”

    Was that lady prescient, or what? She also comes off looking like a blackmailer, even though Boyd seemed to be a willing victim—at least at first.

    What a soap opera—including the selfie, which isn’t at the Weiner level but still juicy!

  5. Well S, that was….interesting! 😀


    Via the twitters @ericjtimmons:

    “Rock Island County Electoral Board is deliberating on GOP objection to Gerry Bustos sheriff nomination. Ruling expected this afternoon.”

  6. Senator Darin M. LaHood (R) was appointed by three republicans.

    Can you believe it!!

    Years served: Appointed 2011 – Present

    He ran for Peoria County state’s attorney in 2008, losing to incumbent Kevin Lyons.

    He was appointed to the Illinois Senate on 27 February 2011, at the age of 42,[4] and took office March 1, the day after Dale Risinger retired.[6] When appointed, LaHood announced he would run for election to a full term in 2012.

    Despite his political leanings, Abe attracted attention from leaders of the time. Democratic President Andrew Jackson appointed Lincoln postmaster of New Salem, even though Lincoln had supported National Republican candidate Henry Clay in the 1832 presidential election that reelected Jackson. Democrats allowed Lincoln’s appointment probably because no local Democrat wanted the job, and, additionally, his determination to avoid partisan posturing made him acceptable to almost everyone in New Salem. To supplement his meager pay of $55 per year, Abe chopped wood, split rails, worked as a county deputy surveyor, and handled routine legal work for small fees.

  7. A quick review of our history books show appointments are as American as Cheri-Pie!

    George Washington:

    The president from the chair informed Geo. Washington Esqr. that he had the order of the Congress to appoint him, that the Congress had by a unanimous vote made choice of him to be general and com[mander] in chief to take the supreme command of the forces raised and to be raised, in defence of American Liberty, and desired his acceptance of it. Whereupon Colonel Washington, standing in his place, spoke as follows:

    “Mr. President, Tho’ I am truly sensible of the high Honour done me, in this Appointment, yet I feel great distress, from a consciousness that my abilities and military experience may not be equal to the extensive and important Trust: However, as the Congress appoint it, I will enter upon the momentous duty, and exert every power I possess in their service, and for support of the glorious cause. I beg they will accept my most cordial thanks for this distinguished testimony of their approbation.

    John Adams:

    In 1785, John Adams was appointed as the first American ambassador to Great Britain, his mission lasted thirty days short of three years. His aim was to restore the damaged relationship between the two countries and to create commercial ties by persuading Britain to open its ports to American products.

    The summer of 1776 was a harrowing time for the British colonies in America. Open warfare with the mother country had erupted a year earlier and the future was filled with political and military uncertainties.

    Thomas Jefferson

    The Committee presents its draft of the Declaration of Independence
    to the Continental Congress In this tense climate, the Continental Congress met in Philadelphia with the intention of voting for independence from England. In anticipation of this vote, the Congress appointed a committee to draft a declaration of independence. The committee, composed of John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Robert R. Livingston, and Roger Sherman, in turn appointed Thomas Jefferson to write the declaration.

    James Madison:

    As tensions increased between Great Britain and the colonies, James Madison “entered with the prevailing zeal into the American Cause,” as he later wrote in an autobiographical sketch. Madison gained his first experiences in politics when he was appointed to the Orange Country Committee of Safety in 1774. Madison joined the local militia, but after participating in their exercises, he realized that “the unsettled state of his health and the discourageing feebleness of his constitution” would prevent him from serving in the military.

    Madison continued to pursue a political career. After losing the 1777 election for the Virginia Assembly, he was appointed to the Council of State (1777-79).

    if you need more historical information just ask….

  8. LOL!!!

    I like how James conflated historical appointments to appointed positions with recent appointments to elected positions.

    That was intentional, right James? We’re laughing WITH you, aren’t we??

  9. Reyes if it were good enough for our founding fathers.

    For us lay people what does conflated mean?

    I think we all know there have always been appointments to political office by our slave owning founding fathers.

    We also have many current Republican appointments like Senator LaHood.

    Is the LaHood appointment everything that the Jacobs appointment was.

    His Daddy was a US Rep then Transportation Secretary and Risinger left LaHood was appointed in a back room deal by three Republicans.

    So please enlighten us on these identical back room deals.

  10. I love it how partisan hacks assume everyone else must be partisan hacks.

    Yes, Mary. All backroom deals to appoint people to positrons that are supposed to be elected are shady and despicable. It doesn’t matter what party they belong to.

    Conflate means taking two things that aren’t the same and treating them as if they are. For instance, an ambassador is always appointed and serves at the pleasure of the executive. There is nothing shady about appointing an ambassador. When the executive is elected their appointments are “part of the package” that gets voted on, even if the voters are too low information to know this. Appointing the executive, however, IS abnormal, shady, and wrong.

    We have elections for a reason. It is obvious that both establishments engage in that garbage where they are in power, but we’re talking about RICO, where democrats have ruled for longer than I’ve been alive. As QCE has pointed out, their shady back room dealing has become so commonplace that it’s not even the new norm anymore. It’s just the norm. But it’s still wrong, and it’s a big part of why it’s time to break the hold the Dems have had on our county for so long.

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