Dross Among The Dreck

I know most of you have seen this Bustos ad multiple times by now but I thought it pretty clever and certainly a cut above the usual campaign ad dreck that is bombarding the QCs.

Bustos hits all the Dem talking points: GOP ships jobs overseas! I cut wasteful spending! I’ll cut tax breaks for corporations!, etc.

But still, the ad, which presents a squad of peewee basketball players playing against a couple of old white guys in suits was an original way for Bustos to present her trite message.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

4 thoughts on “Dross Among The Dreck”

  1. Oh look. The Jacobs who’s gonna inherit Verschoore’s seat got to be in a political commercial. How cute.

    Callahan-Bustos did her best to ruin my Church’s festival this past weekend by showing up with staffers in tow and going around shaking hands, ignoring what people had to say, and posing for photo-ops.

    When I said, “Oh great… look who’s here.” to my fiancé, she said “Who?” I said “Cheri Pie Bustos.” (Don’t judge, I was especially annoyed to see her at MY Church).

    Our seven year blurted out, “Bustos?!? More like BOOOOOstos!”

    #BestQuoteEver LOL! 😎

  2. Wait… Let me get this straight…

    Local democrat Jacobs (no relation to Mike) is big bad business and DC personified picking on little kids???

    I don’t know how to do it, but SOMEBODY should save this video for when he runs as an incumbent after verschoore has him appointed when he retires after this election!

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