Hoot Of The Day


“But Rock Island County Democratic Party Chairman Doug House said it was ‘ridiculous’ for Mr. Bloom to suggest that politics played a role in the timing of Mr. Boyd’s resignation.”

Just as it was “ridiculous” to suggest politics played a role when Denny Jacobs resigned soon after he was re-elected and had his son appointed as state senator; just as it was “ridiculous” to suggest politics played a role when Lane Evans resigned soon after he won the primary and threw his support behind his secretary, Phil Hare; just as it was “ridiculous” to suggest politics played a role when the RICO auditor resigned and appointed a Hare relative to replace her, etc. Really, there are too many RICO Democrat examples of this “ridiculous” behavior to mention.

But the House quote was at the end of an article that was mostly about Bill Bloom’s effort to keep the Culture of Corruption theme alive and before the voters going into the coming election.

He has filed FOIA requests with Lisa Madigan’s office for all correspondence between her office and RICO SA McGehee and between McGehee and the other local RICO Democrats.

Madigan’s office has said it will release a timeline of events leading to Boyd’s resignation “in the coming days”, so we’ll see if those “days” are before November 4.

And bravo to Bloom; his agitating won’t change the outcome of Cheri’s husband being RICO sheriff until at least 2018, but by beating the drums against the RICO Corruptocrats, I’m sure he is hoping his efforts will gain his party more votes.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

5 thoughts on “Hoot Of The Day”

  1. Ooooohhhh…I bet Fumbles has the Dems shaking in their boots.

    Instead of getting a great ground game going for all the important state and federal elections….all fumbles can worry about is FOIA’ing about the Sheriff’s race?

    Give me a break…you clearly fumbled the ball out of the endzone, so stop asking the booth upstairs to review.

    But hey…at least fumbles can have good breakfast at City Limits the day after the election and wonder why the RICO GOP lost every races but Woz’s (Woz’s is impossible to lose. A Donkey could beat Smiddy)

  2. To sit in Texas and blame RICO Democrats for RICO Republican Boss Bill Bloom’s bald-faced love of Sheriff Jeff Boyd is asinine. If Bloom hadn’t admired this “rotten apple” so much perhaps he would have fielded a qualified candidate to run against him (Boyd/Bustos)?

    Congresswoman’s Bustos new poll shows her up 7 over Schilling. It’s starting to feel like Democrats may well catch a wave on election day. In the last couple of election cycles, Rock Island County Republicans have allowed themselves to be the Party of cranky old white guys!

    Schilling selling VISAS to illegal aliens, Anderson lying about his record, the WOZ called out by KWQC for “seriously misleading voters” and Boss Bloom’s decision not fielding a candidate for Sheriff may well kill the local Republican Party for years to come!

  3. Giving RICO Dems a taste of their own lawfare, QCOnline reports:

    “Rock Island County Republican Party Chairman Bill Bloom has filed an objection to Democrat Gerry Bustos’ candidacy for sheriff on the Nov. 4 ballot. Mr. Bloom filed the objection Friday and is calling for a hearing of the county electoral board to review Mr. Bustos’ nominating papers.”

    Of course the electoral board is comprised of three Democrats—Kinney, McGehee and circuit clerk Lisa Bierman. How convenient! But still, the more RICO Dems that can be drawn into scandal, the better.

    Bloom’s objection centers around Boyd’s withdrawl papers—which may or may not exist, but since election law is so murky, this could tie-up Bustos and RICO Dems for months, if not years.

    Which is the point of lawfare, isn’t it?

    So kudos to Bloom who is finally dragging the RICO GOP into the 21st century by using the same tactics Dems have used for years against Sarah Palin, Scott Walker, Dan Rutherford, my governor, etc.

    If the Dems are gonna dish it out, they’re gonna have to take it—in the shorts!

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