Trip, Stumble And Fall Calls Schilling Ad “Shamefully Misleading”


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

14 thoughts on “Trip, Stumble And Fall”

  1. This is the kind of thing that can happen when you have the sheriff on your side to investigate.

    Schilling unjust shameful misrepresentation of Congressperson Bustos record is another black eye for the Republicans.

    My understanding is that the liberal press will next hit Anderson for his false claim of Jacobs pocketing money.

    You can just lie but the truth will come out.

  2. Usually Team Schilling has a rapid response to any negative information—it’s telling they have no immediate pushback on this.

    Also, I didn’t realize Gerry Bustos was the sheriff of 😀

  3. Schilling is looking more and more desperate in his bid to reclaim power!

    Perennial Republican Niel Andersen’s claim, “That while Quinn’s corruption rocked the Capitol…Jacobs pocked $1.5 million from influence peddlers” is incredibly “Shamefully misleading.” If “Jacobs (really) pocketed $1.5 million from influence peddlers” wouldn’t he be in jail? By spreading false statements Anderson’s personal judgement is called into question.

    Although Schilling and Anderson claim to be men of God, I can’t help but notice the first casualty in their campaign ads was the truth.

  4. Hmmmm. Maybe Marvelous Mike got $1.5 million from his influence peddler daddy who parlayed Mike’s chairmanship of the energy committee into $$$$ for his Big Energy lobbying clients!

    Kickbacks, baby!

  5. Just being a man of God doesn’t make you right and just and the shameful do anything to win desperation is just unGodly.

    If these men are God fearing men they should come out against their advertisement.

    I realy like Jacobs ad on Anderson being a union buster because it has Anderson’s own signature where he doesn’t believe in the right to strike and is for the right to work.

    It is always good when you have a proof source.

    And always better when the proof source is the candidate.

  6. I assume all this Jacobs hysteria about Anderson being a “union buster” has to do with Teamsters Local 371 endorsing Anderson saying Jacobs “turned his back on labor”.

  7. Imagine if Jacobs hadn’t drawn attention to Anderson’s pledge to pass extreme anti-worker laws in Illinois?

    It is well know that “Right to Work” laws like the one Anderson’s supports are designed to bust unions and cut pay for union workers.

    If Jacobs hadn’t discovered his opponents “pledge” unsuspecting union leaders might have fallen for Anderson’s penchant for prevarication.

    What’s next? Is Anderson going to say he didn’t sign a “pledge” to pass extreme anti-worker laws that will destroy unions in Illinois?

    Sheesh! What a liar this guy has proven himself to be!

  8. No the teamsters are a Republican organization.

    The issue is because you don’t live here and don’t know what’s going on.

    Anderson has sent out a letter to the union saying that he is pro union.

    This is purely an answer that shows the desperation and level of deceit that Anderson Shilling and The Woz will use to get elected


  9. This is why nothing ever gets done in DC—all politicians can think about is how their vote will turn into an opponents political ad in the next election cycle.

    This is particularly disturbing coming from Schilling who is always prancing and preening about how he wants to “work across the aisle” and other inane centrist talking points, yet attacks Bustos for doing just that. This bill Schilling is attacking had broad bipartisan support and was one of the FEW bills to make it all the way through—-and he had to also attack Paul Ryan in the process.

    In order to avoid this, legislation of all sorts should be parceled out bit by bit so congress can vote on each individual feature—this would also avoid the common practice of slipping stuff in at the last minute that no one knows about until it’s too late. Congress might spend a week voting on the same bill, but at least it would put a stop to this nonsense.

    But as long as it is business as usual in DC, we can expect these sort of attacks or completely wacky claims like reading the Obamacare bill three times.

    And speaking of wacky claims, Schilling’s mouthpiece doesn’t do his guy any good with the analogy in QCTimes that what Bustos did was like crashing into a house, but then paying for repairs.


  10. Throw back Saturday…

    “One of the biggest problems is — you know, I’ve got some Hispanic friends — is that a lot of those folks that don’t know English, is primarily because they don’t even know Spanish,”

    “These people don’t even know their own language.”

    – Bobby Schilling

  11. Well OK, but what I don’t get is the #tbt that Bustos has on her campaign twitter when Schilling “turned his back & walked out on Illinois workers whose jobs were sent to China.”

    I had never seen this video before but it didn’t make any sense to me. This happened after I moved to TX, so don’t know all the context, but back in ’09-’10 when I was blogging extensively about Schilling, he was always able to explain his positions in a calm rational way, even when the crowd got heated. What happened? I noticed Terry zoomed him away, which now looks like a mistake, but what rattled Schilling to such an extent that he delivered this juicy video to the Dems?

    It may not be on the same level as “I don’t worry about the Constitution”, but it ain’t purdy and it flies in the face of how Schilling operated before he was elected and in the early days of his incumbency.

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