KWQC Gives Smiddy An In-Kind Campaign Contribution

With all the vicious political attack ads running in the QCs, KWQC is on the case!


“When we put out our comparative ad [about The Woz], it was done through my campaign, with my knowledge, and I signed off on it.”

The Woz disavows any involvement with Smiddy attack ads:

“It’s private groups a lot of times, and we have nothing to do with that…”

Uh oh, look out Woz, it’s “gotcha” time!


“…KWQC found records that show [The Woz] signed off on several [ads] for which the Illinois Republican Party paid.”

What’s it worth when candidates don’t even have to do their own oppo research?



Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

5 thoughts on “KWQC Gives Smiddy An In-Kind Campaign Contribution”

  1. The Woz can’t get anything right.

    He is such a sad candidate that even RICO GOP Treasurer Bill Albracht is supporting Independent Rep Mike Smiddy.

    I guess this isn’t an issue because Rep Smiddy is an Independent and not a Republican.

  2. Do you think switching allegiance from Democrat to Independent will hurt or help Rep. Smiddy’s re-election bid?

  3. What difference does it make what I think? I can’t vote—oh wait, yes I can since Kinney didn’t take me off the voter registration rolls.

    I don’t know how Smiddy can claim to be “independent” when he has taken big $$$ from Mike Madigan, but whatever. An electorate stupid enough to vote for Blago twice is probably stupid enough to believe Smiddy is “independent”. 😀

  4. I love the smell of desperation in the morning!!!!!

    Anyways, what’s the issue here? I think it sounds more like Smiddy crying over spilled milk. He knows he is in trouble and this is the best he can do?

    I’m Mike Smiddy and I’m a Democrat, wait that’s not what my campaign manager said, I mean I’m Independent, but my yard sign says Democrat? I’m confused…

    If your independent than run independent…

    Votes for Mike Madigan as Speaker
    Votes for a budget that would make the tax increase permeant
    Takes money for from chicago reps.

    Smiddy and Democrats in Rock Island County are in some serious trouble.

    He shouldn’t be worrying though. He has his other pension and job to fall back on.

    “I’m Cam Brady and I approve this message.”

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