Even though he said he had no interest in becoming sheriff long-term, “Gerry Bustos was picked unexpectedly as the candidate for Rock Island County Sheriff by Democratic Party officials at a closed-door meeting…”

That “Democratic” Party thing just cracks me up! Behind “closed doors” a mere 79 precinct committeemen were The Deciders as to who would be sheriff until 2018. No mention was made as to whether the balloting was secret or open or a show of hands, but whatever it was the vote for Bustos was “overwhelming”. You can say a lot about this process, but you can’t call it “democratic”.

Since Bustos had already said he had “no interest” in being sheriff beyond December 1, 2014, but the 79 elected him overwhelmingly anyway, it seems obvious that Democrats expect their politicians to lie about everything, including their intentions—just as Mrs. Bustos has done. Do Democrats EVER tell the truth? About anything?

At the end of the article there was more whining by the RICO GOP: “Republicans questioned the timing of Mr. Boyd’s resignation.”

So what? The RICO GOP are co-conspirators with the RICO Dems in cutting the voters out of the process. Having shirked their duty to field a candidate, they have absolutely NO moral authority to criticize the “timing” or anything else the Dems have done. It was all legal and the RICO GOP enabled this result.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

16 thoughts on “Unexpectedly!”

  1. The assist goes to Bill Broom of the RICO GOP. I’m sure Steffen would have had no problem getting somebody on the ballot. Look how he boosted precinct committeemen numbers during his tenure! I guess Broom can hang his hat on increasing the size of breakfast at Ronald Reagan club by two scrambled eggs!

  2. Muchos Bustos!!!

    Bustos won in a landslide.

    What would you expect Lee or Boyd to get many votes?

    With Sheriff in the house The Shillingites better be careful with their game playing.

    How would you like to have seen this thing go down from a real world view of Republican Party Boss Bill Bloom not running anyone against his well respected comrad?

  3. Give it a rest Fleabagger—if Steffen knew of someone who wanted to run for sheriff, he had an obligation to come forward. He’s vice-chair and not some inconsequential underling.

    Is Steffen working for the enemy too? Or are the Schillites working to destroy the RICO GOP from within?

    Not that it would take much effort,

  4. Why would Steffen work for the enemy? I wouldn’t think the Schillites are trying to destroy anything? They are left to campaign on their own, since Broom and the “army” are “marching” door to door for the Ol County Board.

    Since I have to give it a rest on Bill Broom…I’ll just refer to him as “fumbles” now.

    Maybe after this election the whole RICO GOP will realize that the more people they get out to vote for the major elections like Woz, Anderson, Schilling…..that those people will trickle down and vote for Lazenby and their county board members. This is what the Dems to and it obviously works.

    It’s a lot easier to motivate somebody to vote for a great candidate like Neil Anderson than it is to motivate somebody to vote for a county board member they haven’t heard of, nor seen any mail, TV, or a yard sign.

    But lets keep doing the same thing over and over again…it will eventually work…right?



  5. So Schilling is a victim now?

    He’s been campaigning since ’09 —more or less, and should have an established organization in place by now that he can depend on. Why should he have to rely on the RICO GOP? What about the Rockford GOP? The Peoria GOP? What about the RCCC?

    Also, what’s so “great” about Neil Anderson? He was Bobby’s Chosen One yet he couldn’t defeat Verschoore, but you think he’ll be able to bring down Marvelous Mike? Fantasize much?

    I don’t think Bloom is “doing the same thing over and over again”, I think he is trying out something new that he believes is doable. There is a lot of voter unrest about the scandal-plagued Democrat RICO government and he might have a chance making some inroads there, but defeating Bustos and Jacobs—and even Smiddy will be a tough row to hoe.

    Who was “doing the same thing over and over again” was Carpentier, Armstrong, etc. going back decades—it ain’t gonna get fixed in one or two election cycles—if ever.

  6. Well they tried the whole county board push in 2012 and got slaughtered. When they get creamed again…will you admit fumbles should ride the bench?

  7. I don’t admit anything because you’ve never presented a scenario where Bloom could be removed before his term expires.

    For years I have believed that the RICO GOP needed to be torn down room by room and rebuilt with a more forward-looking agenda.

    Steffen is no more forward-looking than Bloom. As much as some hate him, my view is that people like Eric Reyes represent the future of the GOP, not tired old white guys/gals like Bloom, Steffen, Carpentier, Schiling, etc.

  8. Rep. Mike Smiddy is no longer a member of the Democrat Party and is now a full-fledged Independent. Although early polling shows WOZ ahead of Mike by 8, seasoned Republican know Independent Rep. Smiddy is going to win on election day. As Republican RICO Chairman Bill Bloom is fond of saying, “To the victor goes the spoils!”

  9. I don’t see how Broom gets blamed for not fielding a sheriff’s candidate… I mean, wasn’t that under Steffen? I just remember the 3 hour meeting when Boyd spoke and he received thunderous applause after he vocalized his opposition to the public safety tax proposal.

    I think everyone in the local party was universally on board with not putting up a candidate to run against Boyd… I heard multiple people say “Boyd’s basically a Republican.”

    Now that this has happened, we absolutely should put up a candidate… if we don’t, that’s a screw-up, and if the Democrats stop us, we cry foul. We can’t cry foul if we don’t have a candidate.

    This is a huge test for Bill Broom. Can he lead and show he’s the future of this party? I think he CAN! They might beat us nine times out of ten, but not this time. Not this election. Not tonight.

  10. So you’re saying that Boyd successfully bamboozled the rubes?

    If true, this reinforces my theory that the RICO GOP needs to be torn out by the roots and reconstituted into a political party with the primary objective to win elections.

  11. Encouraging news indeed! It also explains why Mike Madigan is pouring $$$$ into “independent” Smiddy’s campaign. 😀

  12. “We don’t have any recent internal numbers,” Smiddy’s campaign manager said yesterday. But a new Capitol Fax/We Ask America poll shows Independent Rep. Smiddy trailing his Republican opponent 45-37.

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