Bustos Sends Jobs Overseas!

From the files of What Goes Around Comes Around:

“[Team Schilling has] learned from [Bustos’] personal financial disclosure that…Despite her assurances to voters that she had already sold her investment in a Chinese company that ships jobs overseas, Congresswoman Bustos held on to her partial ownership stake for another eight months until she heard that Bobby Schilling might be running for Congress again.”

And it must have been particularly gratifying for Team Schilling to be able to write this sentence:

“It’s bad enough that Congresswoman Bustos chose to invest in a Chinese company that ships jobs overseas. It’s even worse that she misled the public into believing she had already sold her outsourcing investment when she hadn’t.”

Schadenfreude, baby!


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

6 thoughts on “Bustos Sends Jobs Overseas!”

  1. Boy, this would be great ammunition for the Schilling campaign…but will they use it? Probably not…its like Schilling doesn’t want to try to win.

  2. Where are the TV advertisements, interviews, public speeches, debates…even his website is out of date. No one reads newspapers…anything will get buried on qctimes, wqad, etc. Post it on his website, with a youtube video! Time is ticking!

  3. Cheri pie Schilling has no will because he can’t win.

    The district was cut to favor Rep Schock and Rep Bustos.

    Go look at the numbers.

    Schilling looses Peoria and Rockford

    No making up for that in RICO.

  4. Mary,

    It’s like you forget there are 11 other counties besides those three. Jo Daviess and Stephenson will more than make up for Winnebago, and Henry and Mercer will make up for Peoria.

    It all comes down to RICO!

  5. Wow… Just wow.

    Could she BE any more deceitful?!?

    First she lies about the mythological gender wage gap. Then she lies about taking a pay cut. Now she’s been caught lying about her investments.

    She lies and says Bobby wants to send jobs to china all the time, but she ACTUALLY sends jobs to China with her own money!


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