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John F. Kennedy:

“If we are strong, our strength will speak for itself. If we are weak, words will be no help.”


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

19 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day”

  1. “Moral Man and Immoral Society”.

    Reinhold Niebuhr argued against society corralling man, or against the role of a socialist society trying to do such a dastardly thing. (at least as I interpret him so far) But he saw educators trying to do that very thing, way back in 1932. He reaffirmed the relevance of that contention in a re-release of that book in 1960.

    I’m not sure what JFK meant in that quote, but government is won by those with catchy sound bite words. “Ask not … “, or “Hope and Change”. In contrast, what we need is individuals being moral, as the individual thinks more broadly than the short public discourse, which is now even more devolved to sound bites or tweets.

    Next up in social order we have family, church, school, neighbors, boy scouts, etc. … then for a few matters, face to face local government acting in direct response to those moral individuals, serving the local community.

    Above that, after the states, we could have an unchangeably limited by constitution, corralled federal government. But that highest level has become faceless, partisan, and bureaucratic on the operational level, despite the occasional state of the union sound bite filled speech.

    The strong in power (as opposed to individuals strong in character) have had the foot on the neck approach. We are now terrorized by weak in character, strong in fascism, government.

    So that little JFK quote is self defined as “words (that) will not help”. Yet Coke is the real thing, and on a national level, the tea party is still “extreme and racist”, because words will not help us be a strong nation, but they will help destroy a grassroots movement.

    Our strength speaks for itself on many levels, as well as in actual accomplishment. But between Hollywood, leftist media, and very loud “commie” activists, our strength speaks but is overwhelmed by the loudspeakers that own media, or buy our government.

    Clinton said it depends on the meaning of the word “is”. Maybe for JFK’s quote it depends on the meaning of the word “we”. I think “we” the middle class people that believe in traditional America are strong, but those that want free stuff and belong to the PC religion are many. Sound bites like “Hope and Change” have become “the real thing”, and too many are buying it.

    Schumer got caught on a hot mike instructing Democrats to use the word “extreme”. Now polling shows Americans mostly think the tea party is “extreme”. Words and sound bites can defeat character, at least until character takes up arms, at which point the outcome is in doubt.

  2. Do you really equate might with right? Do you really think physically beating other people up makes you stronger? Do you really think it is wrong to walk away from a fight? Do you really subscribe to the notion that physically attacking someone is better than talking to them? Please reveal your real reason behind quoting Democrat President John F. Kennedy at this time? Really, why didn’t you quote President Bush? I am sure President Bush said something similarly pithy before he invaded Iraq over really non-existent WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION? Really, color me curious as to why Right-wing Republicans are so anxious to pour our hard earned tax dollars into endless war-fronts rather than the HOME-FRONT?

    The Right’s rush to war never ceases to amaze me! Really?

  3. Excellent comment MR—you took way more time, effort and thought into it than I did my post. πŸ˜€

    I had never seen the complete Gerritson video until now—wow!

    As for the JFK quote, I took it to be a riff on TR’s “speak softly and carry a big stick”. It also reminded me of the feckless Obama who intentionally presents himself as the “weak horse”, sending out his media pals to push the meme that he is the “reluctant warrior” for all the world to see. No amount of angry denunciations or hostile words from Obama about the “evil” ISIS does will change the fact that he is weak and unwilling—and wants everyone to know it. Yet he talks of war—or is it counter-terrorism—or some other word next week? πŸ˜€

    What a pathetic little man he is.


    Whoa! Looks like James was mixing in some hallucinogenics with his Haterade this a.m.!

    I have no idea who you are talking to or about, but I DO NOT want Obama to wage war (or whatever) against ISIL—he just doesn’t have the balls to execute the plans. If it weren’t for polling in favor of it, he would not even have considered it.

    I also didn’t want him to do the “surge” in Afghanistan for the same reason. Everything he touches in foreign policy turns to poop.

    Go bark up another tree—Obama needs to go back to golfing, fundraising and giving campaign speeches. He simple is NOT competent to execute any sort of realistic plan of attack to root out these murderers. It just ain’t in him and he needs to stop pretending.

    As I mentioned in a previous post, Cheri Bustos is all for this war on ISIS and is an ardent cheerleader for it—and Obama. Is she your idea of a “Right-wing Republican”?

    Get your head out of the last decade and see who REALLY wants war.

  4. yeah, Obama gladly claims Republicans have a war on women, so I guess he has figured words alone are all that matter.

    I got a little wordy, but I’m practicing the application of this Niebuhr guy’s ideas. He wrote back in 1932 “Our contemporary culture fails to realise the power, extent and persistence of group egoism in human relations”.

    Then along came Hitler and Alinsky and wars fought with propaganda. It seems they learned to use group think power for evil. The PC religion now has plenty of devout worshipers, willing to chant the sound bites of hope and change, or “bin Laden is dead, GM is alive”. Elections are won with Twitter wars now.

    But the beheadings are cramping Obama’s style, and he only has his teleprompter to defeat them. He can’t get many allies to fight by his side since he already surrendered our gains once. Barry seems more concerned about the Muslim Brotherhood than US interests. But I imagine he will step up the bombing to rally around the flag, right before the election.

  5. So true: “beheadings are cramping Obama’s style”—exactly right!

    Don’t worry about being “wordy”, I like to do these short posts without additional comment just to see what my readers glean from them.

  6. “…he just doesn’t have the balls to execute the plans…”

    Really? You might want to check with the Saddam Hussein and/or Osama bin Laden before commenting on the President’s balls. Last I checked the TWIN TOWER OF TERROR were taken out in raids directed by US Commander and Chief Barrack Obama.

    Ed. Note: Obama took out Saddam Hussein? Really? Have the pro-Obama historical revisions already started? Did he invent the internet too? πŸ˜€

  7. I was wrong QCe, and you were right. It’s funny how those wars run together. The point is, President Bush II had the “balls to execute a plan” as did President Obama I. As for the Internet that “plan” was really, really helped along by Vice-President Al Gore. Really!

  8. First Republican Party boss Bill Bloom said that he respected internet cereal stalker Sheriff Jeff Boyd to much to run a Republican candidate against him.

    Now RICO Republican treasurer Bill Albracht and Bill Bloom are on Rep Mike Smiddy’s first mail piece.

    Way to go Rep Smiddy!

    These two mens endorsement will make it a easy win over The Woz.

  9. That is a long way to go.

    Toppert was a candidate Bloom is republican chairman and Albrerts is the treasurer.

    Republican unrest will undo any positives that they have gained.

    Wait till you see the tv with Albracht and Bloom!

    The Woz should sue.

    Can you imagine John G or Doug House doing ads for The Woz??

  10. I dunno ER, maybe, but a reader sent me a photo of a Smiddy mailer that showed Smiddy sitting around a table shooting the bull with a guy who looked a lot like Albracht—still not sure about the Bloom thing.

    This is what bugs me about blogging QC politics from 1200 miles away—I don’t get to see what everyone else sees.

    I’ve been rooting around looking for some sort of denial or explanation but so far—nada. I hope it isn’t true, but when it comes to RICO politics, anything is possible.

  11. Bill Albracht should be kicked out of the Rock island County Republican Party for openly endorsing a Democrat. As should his wife Mary, who was recently appointed Central Committee women of the entire Rock Island County Republican Party!

    Democrat Party Chairman Mike Madigan’s power to convince others may well prove the difference in between Smiddy and Woz!

  12. If true, Albracht has kicked himself out of the RICO GOP, but I doubt this will move voters to Smiddy’s camp.

  13. Now that Sheriff Bustos has taken the nomination we are in great hands with a Congressperson and Sheriff under one roof.

    Congratulations to the Bustos family.

    Sheriff Bustos will draw new Hispanic voter to the polls and will make this a historic elections for the people of the 17th as well as the Bustos family.

    This might be the first husband wife team in the history of America.

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