Marriage Equality

As a publicity stunt, a radio station in New Zealand held a contest for an all-expenses paid trip to the 2015 Rugby World Cup in England with contestants restricted to heterosexual same-sex couples who agreed to be married publicly in order to win the prize.

The “happy couple” were two hetero guys who had known each other since they were 6 years old and have been friends ever since—a real bromance!

The only shadow over the happy couple’s special day was caused by GLBT activists who were outraged by this stunt, saying it was an “insult” and “trivializes what we fought for”.

But through the centuries, marriage hasn’t just been about “being with who you love”. In an era when women routinely died in childbirth, men married in order to get caretakers for their kids—and for themselves. After wars when the male population was decimated, women often married for someone to support them and their children. Marriage has been used to avoid deportation, to obtain power and wealth and many reasons other than for love.

So the gay activists need to chill. While some of us may think getting married in order to win a trip to the Rugby World Cup is a trivial thing, for others it’s all about love.

And as the activists like to remind us—who are we to judge what love is?


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

2 thoughts on “Marriage Equality”

  1. ha … even for the secularist, endorsing only same sex marriage makes sense. Successful societies have always raised children with understanding of different gender roles. The leftist “you just need something to rub against” mentality has demeaned us all to less than animal standards. Bigamy makes the same legal sense, and it goes downhill from there.

    Butt now when these Aussies discover their true love … is soccer tickets, the “no standards” leftists find a place for judgment and disgust.

    I find mocking same sex “marriage”, in the new age of redefined rules for marriage, less disgusting than “let’s change the ageless institute of man/woman/children family tradition, into the equivalent of aberrant same sex anything goes experimentation”.

  2. Once the door is opened for same sex marriage, there will be no legal or logical reason to deny marriage to anyone or any ones. It’s coming and is the natural progression of this advocacy.

    My thinking is beginning to “evolve” on this, especially after I read this story about the two straight guys who got married so they could attend the Rugby World Cup.

    As long as the laws and tax code tend to benefit the married, this same sex hetero marriage thing could become a thing if for no other reason than to cash in. I suppose at some point people realize they will never marry, so why not marry your best friend so you at least have someone to leave your pension and social security to?

    I doubt this would be a major thing, but same sex hetero marriage might be something at least a portion of the population would use to distribute benefits and assets which do not transfer in a will.

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