The Dominos Fall


“Rock Island County State’s Attorney John McGehee said [yesterday] he’s investigating allegations against Sheriff Jeff Boyd but declined to comment on the nature of the allegations.”

UPDATE: According to QCOnline:

“A cyber-stalking charge has been filed against Rock Island County Sheriff Jeff Boyd.”


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

21 thoughts on “The Dominos Fall”

  1. aaaand just like Terronez, he plead guilty to a misdemeanor in exchange for his resignation just now…

    Damn… It’s sad to see what the dems in this area are doing to themselves. :/

    I’m gonna say something unpopular… Jeff Terronez was an excellent State’s Attorney. He had passion and he was a talented trial attorney. He could run circles around most attorneys in the courtroom. He was an excellent mentor and I was sorry to see him make the mistakes he did. Jeff Boyd has seemed to be a pretty fair and balanced Sheriff, and that’s speaking from being on the other side of the justice system from him since he was elected. I just don’t understand why they keep doing shit like this.

    I mean, if you “can have any girl you want” as I’m sure they thought, why choose one that’s underage or one that doesn’t want you? Hell, why not just choose their wives? That relationship unsalvageable? Get a divorce. This isn’t rocket science!


    P.S. Bustos is an empty-suit puppet who hasn’t done a single thing for this district since taking office. Just thought I’d throw that in for the liberals. 😉

  2. Thanks for that ER.

    The legal definition of Alford Plea is “the criminal defendant does not admit the act, but admits that the prosecution could likely prove the charge.”

    According to further updates at QCOnline, Boyd has resigned, forfeited his pension and withdrawn as a candidate for re-election.

    The details are juicy: he is charged with intimidating a woman he met at a gym, and get this—she is an illegal immigrant from Mexico. Good for her for standing up for herself against Boyd even though I’m sure he threatened deportation.

    What is it with these skeezy perv RICO Dems?

    Oh wait! I forgot! Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

  3. More juicy details from WQAD:

    “Boyd’s wife was by his side as the charges, plea and resignation were announced.”

    Ugh! Why do women humiliate themselves like this?

    “Undersheriff Gerry Bustos would become Acting Sheriff” after Boyd’s resignation tomorrow—but wait!

    “[Boyd] was running unopposed in the November 4, 2014 election.

    Way to go RICO GOP! Didn’t even field a candidate who would be a slam-dunk for this office.

    Fire! Aim! Ready!

  4. Well we can’t get dirt on the GOP and boot them from office……they don’t hold very many! Easy to hide behind the tinted windows! However I shall not leave my comment without merit, I’ll investigate the GOP’s scandals for the surrounding area…..fair is fair.

    Ed. Note: Don’t bother. Mary already tried to drag Bertelsen into this thread and her comment was rejected. Stay on topic or stay away.

  5. Bill Bloom is shocked, SHOCKED that politics happen in RICO!

    The deadlines for taking Boyd’s name off the ballot and for certifying a write in candidate passed last week. Surprise! Surprise!

    Quoth Bloom:

    “I think the timing of this breaking now is not an accident…A week earlier and voters could still have a say in picking a new sheriff, but that’s business as usual for Democrats in Rock Island County.”

    And it’s business as usual for the RICO GOP to be feckless and stupid. Here’s Bloom’s excuse for not bothering to field a candidate for sheriff:

    “Mr. Bloom said he had held Mr. Boyd in high regard and that was part of the reason Republicans had not put up a candidate to run against him.”

    If you believe that, I’ll bet you believed if you like your plan, you can keep your plan. Period. By Bloom’s logic, the RICO GOP must have “high regard” for the entire RICO government, because for the most part, and with a few exceptions, they have not bothered to field candidates for any county office—ever.

    This whining by Bloom about playing politics in RICO is unseemly and lame on steroids—did he really expect anything different from the Democrats?

  6. Republican Party Boss Bill Bloom thinks bad people and corruption are everywhere in the Democratic Party but thought Boyd was a great guy with great character.

    Maybe Blomm is just a bad judge of character.

  7. Examiner,

    I’m not trying to have a “told you so” moment…I’m really not. But are you starting to see the light on Broom? He’s the old guard and wants to do more of the same. Eat scrambled eggs every Wednesday at the Ronald Reagan and be a whiner.

    This is just ANOTHER fumble of the football by Broom. How many fumbles does he get before he’s benched?

  8. This is that one time I agree with Mary. It would have been better for Bloom to say nothing rather make lame excuses like “gee, I thought Boyd was a great guy so decided to give him a pass by not fielding a candidate—too bad for the people of RICO he turned out to be another Democrat skeezy perv and creepy stalker. OOoops! My bad!”



    Well do tell Fleabagger—how do you propose to “bench” Bloom before his term is over?


    Another thing I thought was interesting is the contrast between how the Terronez scandal was handled and how this Boyd kerfuffle went down.

    Rumors began to surface about Terronez wrongdoing around October ’10 if I remember correctly, but he didn’t get the heave-ho from Lisa until May ’11.

    With Boyd, he was one and done. Wednesday allegations surfaced, yesterday he announced his resignation and today he’s gone, baby gone.

  9. I can help you all with guys to watch out for.

    50 year old Men that wear their hair like a high school boy. Boyd looked and acted ridiculous.

    Republican or Democrat just pathetic.

  10. The Insider’s Insider, Rich Miller weighs in on this kerfuffle and expresses concern that this will affect the Bustos-Jacobs-Smiddy races.

    I doubt it. There have been so many scandals about the RICO Dems this year, I think most voters will see this as just another brick in the wall of Democrat corruption, criminality and bad behavior.

    It’s worth noting that Mrs. Bustos was NOT standing proudly by her husband’s side when he was sworn in yesterday—for obvious reasons.

    Miller provides a link to the QCTimes story on this which mentions that Mrs. Boyd is employed by—QCTimes! Just as Bustos used to be. Yes, it’s a small world in the QC media-political industrial complex.

    Another thing missing with the Boyd scandal is that unlike when Terronez went down, the local Dems aren’t rushing forward to claim this is his personal failing and has absolutely NOTHING to do with the local party. Unfortunately for them, that horse has already bolted the barn.

  11. More info from WQAD which reveals the one text message released so far by the investigators.

    You’ll love this, since we’ve all been repeatedly told that the Dems are champions of women and Hispanics. After the lady told Boyd to buzz off, he whipped out this text to her—in Spanish, no less:

    “Fucking ugly whore…Who I am is not important what is important is what you have done and what you are doing

    Gotta love those caring, compassionate Democrats. 😀

  12. Rep. Smiddy’s “INDEPENDENCE” schtick took a hit today as Democrat Party Chairman and Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan opened his tin-box and fused needed campaign cash into Mike’s faltering re-election effort. On the upside Independent Rep. Smiddy will now have the required money to fight back and win! Go Democrats!


    SPRINGFIELD, IL 52705 $13,140.00
    9/12/2014 2A
    Mike Smiddy for State Representative

  13. The last I read Boyd is only giving up the part of his pension he would be entitled to in his position as Sheriff. His plea allows him to retain his original government pension of over $34,000 annually, starting at his 50’th birthday, earned before becoming Sheriff. He loses about half of what he would have been entitled to as a Sheriff retiree.

    The local Republican Party does seem operated by Keystone Cops, but the one thing about the installment of Bustos – is no matter if the selection is innocent & well intentioned – the timing and choice smells of Lane Evans/Phil Hare dirty politics.

    I had a friend that once took an Alford Plea. It didn’t make the person any less guilty. In retrospect – All it really did was keep most of the nasty details of the individuals crime buried. It didn’t stop the individual from becoming a repeat offender. It did make them a better prepared criminal. The person used all the knowledge of the system learned while studying in prison to beat the rap the next time.

  14. You are correct about the pension thing JB. I saw later that it was only reduced, not eliminated. Thanks for doing the work I was too lazy to do!

  15. According to QCOnline the next sheriff will be chosen by 120 Democrat precinct committeemen at a meeting tonight.

    120 Democrats are The Deciders, which makes me all nostalgic for ’06 when a few 17th CD Democrat committeemen (s)elected Phil Hare as our congressman.

    Gotta love Democrat democracy—-with an assist from the worthless RICO GOP, of course.

  16. Bill Broom doesn’t care if there is a sheriff on the ballot or not. Nor does he care if we have a state rep, state senator, congressman or senator in office.

    All that matters is taking over the county board and getting Lazenby in office.

  17. You have flogged that dead horse into dog food.

    Obviously I have no insider information, but considering how far the RICO GOP has fallen over the decades, it is possible that Bloom wants to start small with something that is doable.

    Was it ’10 when the RICO GOP actually fielded a (more or less) full slate of candidates for county office? Nobody won (or maybe just a few board seats, don’t remember), so what happened in ’12? Wasn’t it back to the default position of nada-zip-zero?

    As I said, this is just my opinion, but it could be that the wiser course forward is start small, and if the RICOGOP manages to get a few more county board victories plus the clerk, they can build on that—-because obviously the ’10 plan was a failure—-and in a GOP wave year, no less.

    Just thinking out loud—take it for what it’s worth.

  18. The problem with any comparison between 10 and 14 is that the 17th has a new look and Aaron Schock
    United States Representative got a much better (Republican) district which gave Bustos a much better (democratic) district.

    There is no way that Schilling can win even with Congressperson Bustos husband as the Sheriff.

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