Tweets Of The Day

From The Great Pretender’s congressional twitter feed:

@SpeakerBoehner Illinois companies deserve the certainty of a long term Export-Import Bank reauthorization

This Export-Import boondoggle is just corporate welfare and should be abolished. Politically, this is probably a wash for Bustos since Schilling likely wants it reauthorized too.


Retweet from Rep. Ted Deutch: Since 1965 Head Start has serve over 30 million kids. We will expand affordable childcare & early education w/!

Although the intentions behind Head Start were good, a study of it done in 2000 by the federal Department of Health and Human Services found that cognitive and socioemotional test scores of former Head Start students do ot remain superior to those of disadvantaged children who did not attend Head Start.”

In other words, Head Start is just subsidized babysitting that adds no value to the child, but frees up the parents for other things. Also it costs a ton of taxpayer $$$$ for no results. Now the Dems want to expand it to make it “universal”—just like Obamacare!

Unfortunately, even though it has been known for nearly 15 years that Head Start is ineffective it is one of those sacred cows that cannot be killed.


Author: qcexaminer

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