The Flawless Kicks Into High Gear

Now that summer is over, campaign season is being taken to an HNL (hole nother level) and Bobby Schilling is tan, rested and ready to rumble.

Via his twitter and facebook accounts, which is what counts for me from 1200 miles away, there has been a blast of juicy new—blasts.

***Mocks Bustos for her comment in a radio interview that the 10% pay issue is a “diversion” and she refuses talk about it further. This move frankly mystifies me—just pay the damned $$$$ and move on! Maybe she’s counting on the ADD of the press—it works for Obama!

***Creates The Great Pretender meme for Bustos by calling her out on bills she says she “introduced” and “got it done”, but not signed into law. Also hits her again for “pretending” to return her salary during government shutdown, but did not. Don’t know if this Great Pretender thing will catch on, but at least Team Schilling is thinking up stuff and trying it out.

***YouTube of Schilling’s new ad, and it is a good one. I suspect most have seen it—multiple times, but it is a positive ad, using QC locations and an inclusive message. No nastiness—leave that to the PACs! Schilling also gets a shout out from Springfield Armory for wearing an XD(M) jacket in the ad—whatever that is.

***Calls Bustos out on paying her female chief only 68% of what Schilling paid his chief. When fighting the War on Women, remember Alinsky’s Rule #4: Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.

***In a delicious twist on the EB-5 silliness, Schilling links to an article on the well-publicized case of the guy who not only conned 290 Chinese into giving him $$$$ for some doomed project, but he also managed to bamboozle Quinn, Mike Madigan, and Durbin. No wonder the Dick was so exercised about these EB-5s at the Annual Democrat Nuremberg Rally!

***Finally, something I thought was quite unique, although I’m not exactly tech-savvy, and that is instructions on how to make a digital yard sign for your facebook page. I’ve never seen anything like it. Impressive!


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

9 thoughts on “The Flawless Kicks Into High Gear”

  1. Meanwhile Bill Broom and the RICO GOP mess around and meddle with the County Board.

    I heard Neal Anderson and Wozniak asked for help with some door knocking on the weekends and the RICO GOP brass told them they were focused on the County Board and Lazenby. Maybe Anderson and The Woz should team up with Schilling?

    I heard some rumblings at the last Thursday meeting I attended that people are having “buyers remorse” from the last chairman election.

  2. As Republican Boss Bill Bloom is learning it’s hard then it looks to keep the troops happy. I think Bloom was right to push Andorson and Woz away as neither has enough name id or cash to run a serious race. Boss Bloom is instead focused like a “laser beam” on the race he can actually win — Lazenby.

  3. good job team schilling, way to step it up! they were really running a shitty operation when schweppe was in charge, but with shearer in and schweppe out they are UNSTOPPABLE!

  4. Schilling has enough trouble on his own.

    Last election he tried to carry Albracht and Rich Morthland and Neil Anderson and they weighed Schilling down and cost him the election.

    Schilling will run his own election and worry about Schilling.

  5. I wonder if the pollsters moving the Bustos/Schilling race from a “toss-up” to “Lean Democrat” had a bearing on Andersen and WOZ’s decision to distance themselves from Bobby?

  6. Who is running the Bustos campaign? Maggie DePoorter?

    The Bustos campaign issued a statement on the Schilling ad containing all the stale, lame talking points they have been parroting for months:

    1. Schilling is pro-Tea Party and hurting the middle class. Yeah, we should be so lucky for Schilling to be a real Tea Party candidate, rather than the Establishment Party guy he is.

    2. Tax breaks for the rich! ZZZzzzz

    3. Shipping jobs overseas! Hey, didn’t The Philster use this inane trope in ’10? How’d that work out for him?

    4. End Medicare as we know it! Since we all know the 1960s are JUST THE SAME as Baby Boomer 21st Century.

    5. EB-5!!!!! Bustos sponsored and voted for it but HOW DARE Schilling actually implement it!!!!!

    Lame in steroids.

    I thought some Obama guy was running her campaign—WTF?

  7. As a Republican in Rock Island County I have long accepted that the Democrats are a corrupt and morally deficient bunch. But, my own county Party complete with the sad elephant Trumper is a a bunch of whining old non-community leaders led by the Republican version of Obama,
    Bill Bloom and his gang of parade bumblers.

  8. QCR, I’ve been ranting about the fecklessness of the RICO GOP for years—all to no avail. But if you really consider Bloom to be a bumbler, it is probably a bad analogy to compare him to Obama. Obama gets things done even if he uses his phone and pen. 😀

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