Reality Is Viciously Sexist

Eric S. Raymond on how firearms are the great equalizer for women, compensating for our inferior upper body strength:

“Firearms changes all this, of course—some of the physiological differences that make [women] inferior with contact weapons are actual advantages at shooting…So much so that anyone who wants to suppress personal firearms is objectively anti-female and automatically oppressive of women.”


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

3 thoughts on “Reality Is Viciously Sexist”

  1. That is why congressperson Bustos is 100% for firearms.

    Congresswoman Bustos is the right female for the job.

  2. Still amazes me that after that Newtown, CT nut murdered 20 kids and six teachers, all the left could do was blame guns.

    Not once did I Team Obama say … “hey, maybe if we’d let a couple of those adults have weapons, those kids would still be alive”.

    Instead Biden claims the country is crying for more gun control, while it was “gun free zone” policy that was mostly responsible for the dead kids. (and partly letting crazy people roam free with guns in their homes, in the name of civil rights or something)

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