Hoot Of The Day

From QCOnline:

“Sen. Mike Jacobs, [D-Fists O’ Fury] said he is a product of education, and the pursuit of education helped him get where he is today.”

Um, no—Mike Jacobs is a product of The Lucky Sperm Club because otherwise, if his name was Mike Smith and his education was at party schools like University of West Florida and University of Illinois at Springfield, it is unlikely he would be a state senator today—or ever.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

17 thoughts on “Hoot Of The Day”

  1. Illinois State Senator Mike Jacobs may be lucky but he dose have a a masters degree.

    We are fortunate to have such an educated Senator that puts a premium on education.

    WIU campus is the crowned jewel of the QC.

    WIU riverfront campus is the biggest thing to happen to the QC since John Deere.

    Schilling and Anderson don’t even have undergraduate degrees and Anderson is on the record as being against WIU.

    Students will be able to come to the QC by high speed rail in 2015 thanks to Sen Jacobs

  2. Why do liberals keep saying we’re getting high speed rail in 2015?

    We’re not. We’re getting plain old boring regular speed rail. The kind that I can easily drive faster than.

    Lots of places are supposedly getting high speed rail. We’re not one of them.

  3. At first I thought they were just being duplicitous, but now I think they just don’t know the difference.

  4. yeah what is it about liberals and their romance with the past and railroads? Why are “progressives” so obsessed with 19th century transportation modes?

    My guess is control, which all “progressives” strive for and covet.

  5. Funny thing is… if you change out Mike Smith the post could have easily been written about Republican George Bush of Texas!

  6. Who wants a man who never graduated from College and is against WIU riverfront campus?

    I will take fists of a Fury against this uneducated man that has no clue.

  7. Exactly! A guy who planned to move to Iowa 5 years ago and the deal fell through, who sends his kids to private school in Iowa, swore to uphold union ideals and is running against the candidate who is supported by the state organization he pays PAC money into monthly, and is unethical enough to wear his City of Moline fire gear for campaign photos…..yeah, let’s vote for Anderson and give him a SECOND taxpayer funded pension….he forgets to mention that! He has ZERO elected offices under his belt; no school board, no union board, no city council, and no fostered relationships that will bring jobs or funding to the QC…..you cannot expect all politics to disappear and revamp honesty without a HUGE price by electing an inexperienced candidate for a large metropolitan community.

  8. Joe, I’m not a big Anderson fan, but it hurts your cause when you lie.

    Anderson has said—multiple times, that he will NOT take the legislative pension if elected. I know this because I mocked him for it.

    As for Anderson having “ZERO elected offices under his belt” the same could be said of Mike Jacobs who never ran for anything before his daddy and three of his daddy’s cronies elevated Mike to state senator.

    Same could be said for Phil Hare who never ran for anything either before he was elevated to US congress by his powerful patron and some committeemen, who didn’t even represent every precinct in the 17th. And Hare wasn’t even selected with a secret ballot—it was open. I’ve often wondered if Hare would have won with a secret ballot.

    So please spare us your outrage over multiple pensions (Mike will be getting at least a couple) and electing those who have never been elected before.

  9. A fan of Anderson??

    What is there to like??

    Look at his resume.

    Tried to play football at Nebraska but failed. His claim to fame.

    Tried to graduate from Nebraska failed.

    Pursued his new dream Chiropractor and failed.

    Only thing he could do is eat at the public trough, never held anything but a government job.

    Wanted to join Army. Failed

    Wanted to be State Rep failed.

    Wanted his own unions endorsement Failed. The guys that know him best.

    The guy can’t finish anything.

    On top of this he sends his kids to Davenport school

    So QCE what is it that attracts you to Andrson??

    Please do tell.

  10. Need lessons in reading comprehension Mary?

    The very first sentence of my comment above yours clearly states I am NOT a fan of Anderson’s.

    So to answer your question as to what the attraction is to Anderson, I have no clue, but you should ask Bobby Schilling who evidently is his sponsor, promoter and patron—and has been for years.

    BTW where does Jacobs’ kid go to school?

    BTWII does anyone know if a Jacobs campaign website/facebook page exists? I have his official website on my blogroll but can’t find anything for his campaign. Any help would be appreciated.

  11. Sorry, I must have had a reading problem.

    I could not believe that anyone would actually be for Anderson.

    I know a firefighter that works with him.

    He says Anderson is a spooky character.

  12. Mike Jacobs son goes to Moline High School.

    Ed. Note: Thanks. I guess if there was any political hay to made out of where Mike’s son went to school, it would have been harvested by now. But wait! All of Jacobs’ bio info says he lives in East Moline. Does he now live in Moline, or is there some special deal going on here? Inquiring minds, etc. 😀

  13. QCE,

    At least you aren’t an Anderson fan…..no one with a logical thought process would be.

    What is he going to do with his pension? Does anyone else refuse it? I guess I haven’t looked……maybe he will donate it back…..if he were to get elected…and then not do it, because he will never run for office again, so who would even care?

    I am not lying, I’m stating what will happen because of the reasons above. I’m glad you aren’t a fan…..no matter how Mike got elevated to his position, his family has a history and knowledge of how government works, what you would call “corrupt” or not. Regardless of things that are in play, and will not change, his connections have helped the QC create jobs, secure projects, and elevate the area. There’s this little place called Western Illinois University that seems to be pretty darn nice on the riverfront. Oh yeah, that state prison got sold to the federal government, too! Mr. Anderson, who says he will vote for “what’s right” will be mocked by and set aside by his party if he were elected.

    The QC will have one less well-connected legislator and lose focus in Springfield. He’s a one-termer no matter how you look at it. He was put there to make the Dems spend money, plain and simple.

    Anderson has no knowledge of Illinois politics besides what his buddy Bobby tells him. His political genius comes from reading Glen Beck and watching Fox News. I know this because I knew him before he ever considered running for office. He’s a glory guy, plain and simple. He has a handful of guys at work and the Republican’s stroking his ego, making him feel like he is the next great leader of our nation. He even asked Mike what help he could count on when he gets elected! His head is so inflated that he may just make the perfect politician. My hopes can only be that we keep our legislator who stands up for issues and doesn’t run on the “I know sacrifice” ticket…….

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