Heard It Through The Tweetvine

Via Eric Timmons @ericjtimmons:

Jim Wozniak has resigned his position as asst. state’s attorney for Rock Island County to focus on his campaign.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

16 thoughts on “Heard It Through The Tweetvine”

  1. I assume Timmons will be writing a story about this at some point, but can’t find any more information on this from my links.

    Don’t know if The Woz was pushed out by Democrat SA McGehee or, which I hope is the case, that the race is so close that The Woz believes he needs to spend every second of every minute of every hour of every day of the next two months winning this damned thing.

    Or it could be a hoax! 😀

  2. Rep. Mike Smiddy is going to destroy WOZ!

    Public unions are hundreds of thousands of dollars into Rep. Mike Smiddy’s tight re-election campaign. If WOZ thinks public employee unions are going to forget Rep. Smiddy’s courageous vote against “pension reform” — you are nuts.

    By the way, Rep. Smiddy didn’t “pocket $15,000 from his campaign” — he simply paid himself to take down his own yard signs! Big, big difference QuadCityExaminer!!!

  3. Rep Smiddy is tge clear favorite.
    Even the treasurer of the Republican GOP Medal of Honor Candidate is doing a comercial for Rep Smiddy.

    The Woz can’t even get his own party’s backing.

  4. Here’s Timmons’ published story on this.

    Money quote:

    “Mr. Wozniak gave his two-week notice of resignation last Friday after his request to take a leave of absence to concentrate on his campaign was turned down by State’s Attorney John McGehee…[Wozniak] unsuccessfully ran as the Republican candidate for state’s attorney in 2012, losing to Mr. McGehee, a Democrat”


  5. @ Merry Mary

    Actual your right. Smiddy didn’t pay himself $15,000. He paid himself $41,000. All you have to do is look it up on the State Board website.

    He wrote a letter clearly explaining he paid himself because he had to perform duties outside of the norm for a candidate.

    $25,500 – creating fundraising lists

    $12,500 – putting up yard signs
    Man that’s a tough job!

    $4,100 – putting up promotional material.
    Sounds like the Quinn plan…

    If that’s outside the “norm” than sign me up!!!!

    Anyone who thinks Smiddy is a lock obviously has no idea about campaigning. I can’t wait to repost on here come Nov. 5th.

    Dems beware – Keep hating because it’s just going to be that much sweeter!!!!

    “I’m Cam Brady and I approve this message”

  6. I wonder if Jim Wozniak would fix Illinois’ broken public pension system, or vote with Rep. Mike Smiddy to protect his public pension and incredible 3.5% compounded COLA?

  7. Jim Wozniak has publicly stated he will not take a pension if elected…

    Smiddy voted to protect his own pension while he’s on a leave as a corrections officer. Oh plus he’s totally funded by unions. I’m sure he wouldn’t double dip would he?

    Mike Smiddy has been paid for and bought by Unions.

    He could care less about the other 75% of people in the district.

    Mike Smiddy’s first vote as an elected official was to make Mike Madigan Speaker.

    Mike Smiddy has only managed to get two pieces of legislation passed during his first term in office.

    Seriously, he hasn’t done anything. Independent Reformer??? How is he independent and what has he reformed???

    Mike Smiddy, the guy who says he stands up to Springfield (Chicago) bosses but votes with them 99.9%

    The list goes on…

    You can say what you like, but facts are facts… 10 years of democrat leadership and this is where we’re at???


  8. The same could be said of Schilling 0 bills passed.

    And Anderson works for the fire department where he draws a pension just like the one Smiddy gets from corrections.

    The Woz looks ridiculous leaving a great job for a low paying job.

  9. The Woz has a TV commercial against Rep Smiddy saying that Rep Smiddy is in Speaker Mike Madigan’s pocket.

    Everyone knows that this could not be farther than the truth. Rep Smiddy is against Speaker Madigan.

    The people know this is not true and there will be a big backlash against the Woz.

  10. Stop posting stuff before you read Merry!!!

    Americans for Prosperity are running that Ad.

    Yes you are right QC. Mike Smiddy’s first vote as an elected official was to make Chicago Democrat Mike Madigan Speaker of the Illinois House.

    Can’t argue with that!!!!

  11. Once Medal of Honor applicant Bill Albracht “set the record straight on television” this ad will backfire on WOZ!

    Factually, Independent Rep. Smiddy is much closer to Chicago Public Union Bosses than he is to Speaker Mike Madigan!

    Woz should demand this negative ad funded by outsiders like the KOKE BROTHERS be taken off the air!

    WOZ’s misleading smear campaign is going to backfire!

  12. Cam, Americans for Prosperity are The Woz.

    When someone spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on your campaign you are responsible for the content.

    You can pretend The Woz doesn’t have anything to do with it but their is blood on his hands.

    The truth is Smiddy is anti Madigan.

    It reminds me of what the Shilling selling Visas comercial will look.

    Patriots for America will be sponsoring that ad.

  13. I’m so excited to see the intense levels of desperation from the liblabs on here!

    The Woz wouldn’t have resigned unless he had numbers saying it could make a difference. This is gonna be AWESOME!!! 🙂

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