No One Ever Lost Reelection Underestimating The Intelligence Of The American Public

Back in April when I first got wind of Democrat rumblings about “Bobby Schilling had better be ready to explain why he’s brokering ‘green cards’ to Foreign Nationals” I just laughed it off after I did some research on EB-5 visas.

I predicted this would not be an issue in the coming campaign and would never reach beyond the fevered minds of hardcore Democrat partisans.

But no.

In a press release I found via Twitter, a banner headline below the smiling faces of the Bustos family screamed:


Is Schilling “ready to explain” this atrocity? He will be if he expects to win. We’ll also see how long the “Bustos owes taxpayers $$$$ for her failed promise” meme lasts on the media radar.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

30 thoughts on “No One Ever Lost Reelection Underestimating The Intelligence Of The American Public”

  1. Well, that didn’t take long—it seems Schilling was ready, steady, go on pushback to this inane Bustos charge. Since I don’t belong to (Illinois) political email lists, I rely on CapFax for the Schilling reax.

    Cowpies are involved.

  2. Bobby has some explaining to do…

    By Michelle Manchir Tribune reporter
    7:57 a.m. CDT, August 28, 2014

    An Illinois man fraudulently raised $160 million from Chinese nationals who invested in his purported plan to build a convention center complex with hotels near O’Hare International Airport, the U.S. attorney’s office in Chicago announced Wednesday.

    Charges were lodged Wednesday against Anshoo Sethi, 30, who was the founder and managing member of A Chicago Convention Center LLC, which told investors it planned to build a hotel and convention center on 3 acres of land east of O’Hare.

    The indictment alleges that between January 2011 and February 2013, Sethi defrauded 290 Chinese investors and deceived the U.S. government in its review of visa applications through false statements and representations.

    According to the indictment, foreign nationals may obtain a certain kind of visa if they invest money in domestic projects. Sethi solicited Chinese investors interested in obtaining this visa to invest at least half a million dollars apiece, plus a $41,500 administrative fee.

    But Sethi allegedly lied to the investors, telling them he had made franchise agreements with established hotel brands like Hyatt and secured tax increment finance funding from the city of Chicago and other investments from the government. He also misrepresented the appraised value of the project site, according to the U.S. attorney’s office.

  3. What the hell does that have to do with Schilling? Go to the CapFax link in my comment above and you’ll discover Bustos voted to make these EB-5 visas PERMANENT.

  4. Well, well, a fellow Democrat Ms. Bustos said something the wrong way three times, voted wrong, misdirected an attack against an opponent, sounds she is just like the rest of the top Democrats in/from this state including the one in Washington. Ms. Bustos, I had hope for you, I really did. Well Union brothers it’s time to give Schilling a shot back in office. Maybe two years on the bench has been good for him.

  5. Just because Congressperson Bustos is pro gun doesn’t mean that Bobby Schilling should shoting someone.

    Bobby Schilling is the only candidate to make $180,000 selling visas to illegal aliens.

    Ed. Note: Ellen, I realize this a holiday weekend, but still, isn’t it a little early in the day to be hitting the sauce?

  6. Just caught Bustos’ new tv ad. The commercial claims the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security are concerned that so called “Foreign Nationals” will purchase VISAS and once inside commit a serious crime against military establishment such as the Rock Island Arsenal. What in the hell was Bobby thinking? I know he was desperate for cash, but this is a bridge too far.

    This seems like a lay-up for ISIS!

  7. I saw Congressperson Bustos picked up this bill to make this Visa program permanent. Everyone knows that the best way to kill a bill is sponsor it and then never call it.

    For you that don’t know it is called a pocket veto.

    I learned this in eighth grade government class.


  8. Ellen, you’re talking nonsense again. The program doesn’t sell visas to illegal immigrants. That doesn’t even make sense. The people who get these visas are legally immigrating. That’s the point. They’re not sold either, they’re earned.

    Each one of these visas is tied to more jobs created than Callahan-Bustos has created since she took office. (Except for photographer positions maybe. That woman DOES love her photo ops)

  9. Just heard a radio ad against Mike Smiddy. His little know opponent insinuated Mike Smiddy took money from his campaign account and then failed to pay taxes on the cash. I think this ad is patently false as Mike Smiddy is a man of high integrity!

    If Smiddy paid himself and didn’t pay taxes he could be in serious legal jeopardy with the IRS!

  10. Ouch… Ellen must’ve “learned” about pocket vetoes from a tenured member of a public school teachers’ union.

    Pocket vetoes are a distinctly executive power. Callahan-Bustos is not in the executive branch. She has NO veto power of any kind, let alone the power to pocket veto.

    Certainly legislative maneuvers can be used to effectively kill a bill, but none of them are called pocket vetoes. Despite that fact, such is not the case with Cheri’s belated sponsorship of the bill to make EB-5 visas permanent. She didn’t introduce the bill. She’s not its chief sponsor. She’s one of a gaggle of “sponsors” on the bill (basically a worthless thumbs up). She’s not the head of any committee the bill is held in. In short, she has no power to stop the bill from becoming law whatsoever (unless you believe her letter writing counts as an effective form of “fighting for” things as she so often claims).

    Finally, you’re using the wrong talking points, Ellen. Maybe you didn’t get the memo. Cheri is proud of her sponsorship of the bill. She simply doesn’t like the small portion of the bill that the EB-5 visa permanency represents (like most bills, this one has a whole lot of slightly related subjects addressed in it). So you see, she has no intention of using a make-believe pocket veto on the bill (although it’s clear she DOES put her faith in make believe such as her magical manufacturing triangle). She was simply engaged in blatant hypocrisy.

    I don’t know… Maybe it was blatant stupidity. I’m really not sure. Afterall, this IS the woman who claimed in a Chicago tv interview that women in her district, doing the exact same work as the men beside them, with all other factors such as age and experience taken into account, still only made 70 cents for every dollar her male counterparts do. The interviewer gave her multiple opportunities to wiggle out of that one but she insisted and clarified. Such a claim could only be made by someone utterly lacking intelligence or honesty. Those are the only possible choices. Which would you say applies to her?

  11. I dont think the ad against Smiddy said anything about not paying his taxes on money he took outa his campaign. Just sayin.

  12. Reyes this is why the voters like people that are experienced and not people that get their info from Wiki.

    Do you think that if Congressperson Bustos wants to get this bill held it would ever see the light of day??

    Her godfather is Sen Dick Derbin.

    She is no novice.

    Do you think the flag bill that ended up being Congressperson Bustos bill started off as hers?

    Reyes get with the program and reAlize that this bill has not been called and won’t be before the election.

    Call it what you may but us old timers call it a pocket veto because it is certainly in someone’s pocket and not being voted on.

  13. LOL! Wikipedia?

    I don’t call it a pocket veto because it’s not. I doubt anyone else with a degree in political science or decades of experience in politics such as myself calls it that either.

    Durbin’s babysitter has no control over what happens to that bill in the house.

    Or are you disagreeing with the excuses made by all her other supporters for why she’s accomplished absolutely nothing in office? You ARE aware that everyone else in her camp is spouting the talking point that she’s a freshman rep in the minority party so she CAN’T control legislation. Then they expect us to accept that that means she shouldn’t even try.

    Btw, if voters like people who are experienced, why’d they elect a senator’s babysitter? She had no relevant experience. She carpetbagger herself a spot on the city counsel while living in another state and didn’t attend most of the meetings (I heard she was called “Hollywood” because so many of her “attended” meetings were teleconferenced).

    Seriously Ellen, you know she can’t win on her qualifications or accomplishments because she has none. That’s why she and all of her supporters have resorted to the tried and true democratic tactic of smearing others.

  14. Independent Rep Mike Smiddy has won the biggest coup of the election cycle.

    Republican Medal of Honor applicant Bill Albracht is doing Television commercials for Rep Smiddy due to his independent nature.

    Take that Woz!!!

  15. Here’s an interesting little tidbit from today’s Quad Callahan-Bustos Times written by Ed “Being Cheri’s Former Reporter Is The Crowning Achievement of My Life” Tibbetts:

    “”It is truly sad to see Bustos so desperate to win a campaign that she is willing to slander a good company here in the Quad-Cities that has helped to create more than 90,000 new American jobs,” Schweppe said.

    Afterward, Bustos wouldn’t say she favors elimination of the program, only that it should be examined closely. She also said while she had signed on to legislation that would have made the EB-5 program permanent, something the Schilling campaign hammered her for last week, it was part of a larger immigration reform bill.”

    That’s strange… No mention of pocket vetoes of any kind. In fact she repeats the line that she still supports the legislation that bit is part of, she just doesn’t support that bit itself. Although, she also says she doesn’t want to eliminate the program (why would she since every EB-5 visa has created more jobs than she has since taking office) she just wants to attack others for working to bring jobs to Illinois through the program she supports.

    Seems legit. 😉

  16. Link to QCTimes was bad but this might work.

    I thought about doing a separate post on QCOnline’s account of the annual Democrat Nuremberg Rally, but decided that going to the well one more time with these idiotic dueling memes of EB-5/10% would likely cause brain damage, so I’ll just add it here.

    The Dick Durbin was the featured speaker and he backed up his babysitter by attacking Schilling on the EB-5 business even though HE voted for it too.

    Quoth The Dickster:

    “I cosponsored comprehensive immigration reform…But you don’t go through it line by line.”

    Just like nobody went through “comprehensive” Obamacare line by line either.

    What came through to me on this Durbin/Bustos doubling down on attacking Schilling for being in a program they both sponsored and voted for is the utter contempt Democrats have for the public. They feel free to lie and spin and are counting on voters to ignore facts and just listen to the noise.

    And it’s not just Durbin and Bustos who exhibit disdain for the electorate—it goes all the way up to the top of the Democrat Party.

  17. Reyes realy???

    No one ever mentioned a pocket veto in the story?

    Are you being funny or what?

    Why would she or any sane person mention that they grabbed a bill and sit on it so that it couldn’t get called.

    Congressperson Bustos has the experience and knowledge to get things done!

  18. Ellen you need to coordinate your talking points and spin with your bosses.

    From the QCOnline story linked above:

    “After leaving the podium, however, neither [Bustos or Durbin] said EB-5 should be eliminated…[but that the] program needed to be carefully reviewed.”

    Jeez Ellen, are you out of the loop—or what?

  19. The Schilling E-B5 issue is droll and anything that creates jobs in the Land of Obama is a good thing. Why do the Irish have 50,000 Chinese in Dublin
    alone? They own businesses, provide jobs, work and follow the rule of law.

    Hey sitting with Democrats at their parade in Rock Island on non-Labor Day it was funny and disappointing to see Trumper the sad GOP mascot pulled by a Toyota truck. Maybe Bustos can hammer on that.

  20. Even that wouldn’t fly as a Bustos “hammer” since Toyotas are manufactured in Mississippi, Kentucky, Texas, Indiana, Alabama and West Virginia.

    Toyota is as American as Chevy—and more solvent! 😀

  21. What one says and what is reality are two different things.

    Of course Congressperson Bustos is going to say one thing and do another.

    Read my last post and you will see I said it there.

    Only Booby Schilling has been selling Visas to foreign nationals for $180,000.

    Congressperson Bustos has never sold visas to foreign nationals.

    Toxic bombshell for Schilling.

    You may not like it and you may not think it is right but all the people of America need to know is that Schilling made $180,000 selling visas to foreign nationals.

    According to the NRCC Blog

    “But Rep. Bustos in January co-sponsored an immigration bill that would make the EB-5 program permanent. The bill has yet to be called for a vote.”

  22. You know Ellen, there comes a time when you just need to stop digging. That time is now. You’re done.

  23. From the Quad City Times….

    Rep. Cheri Bustos, D-Ill., said rival, former Rep. Schilling, had gone “from pizza to Peking” and “is selling American visas to foreigners while Illinois jobs are being shipped to China.”


  24. Hey MM, that makes me all nostalgic for ’10 when Hare was running a bunch of ads that Schilling wanted to send jobs overseas. What was he going to ship—pizzas?

    Who writes these “zingers” for the Dems—Henny Youngman?


  25. I’m nostalgic for ’10 when Hare said he didn’t worry about the Constitution and that the Declaration of Independence and The Constitution were the same thing!

    Then there was that wonderful moment in December 2011 when I stood 5 feet from him talking to Cheri and he said “I want you to bury this fuckin guy.” and she said “I will.” then he said “No I’m serious. Fucking bury him.” and she said, “don’t worry, I will.”

    This was right around the time death threats had been made against Bobby and not too long after everyone, especially democrats, had been all up in arms about the words of violence we use when talking about our political opponents. I had pretty much figured out what kind of person Cheri was by then, but that solidified that point.

    It also was the straw that broke the donkey’s back and I released my press statement that I was cutting ties with the Democratic Party a few days later.

    That’s a real class act you’re backing there, Ellen. Just sayin.

  26. Via my blog, Schilling was getting death threats even BEFORE he was elected. I was able to delete most of this ugly, nasty, hateful stuff, but then decided WTH—I’ll do a post about it!

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