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None of your damned business.

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  1. It seems Chris Minor was too polite to ask Phil Hare for a comment—wouldn’t want to hurt his feelings. 😀

  2. The problem is that these crooks know no party affiliation.

    There’s New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, whose administration was accused of conspiring to close lanes on the George Washington Bridge to punish a Democratic mayor. Both the state legislature and federal prosecutors continue to investigate the matter.

    Most recently, there’s Texas Gov. Rick Perry, whom a grand jury indicted last week of coercing a public official — by threatening to veto funds from Travis County’s Public Integrity Unit if the county’s district attorney didn’t resign after pleading guilty to drunk-driving charges.

    And while he’s no longer in office, there’s even former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, who is now in court on corruption charges — and whose trial looks more and more like a soap opera.

    Republican 36 Senate challenger and Mercer County Treasurer Mike Bertelsen pleaded guilty of theft of over $13,000 of county 911 funds.

    Republicans aren’t crooks as Democrats are not crooks.

    Crooks get into politics just as they get into other occupations as well.

  3. As you can imagine, there has been quite a lot of reporting/commentary on this juicy story.

    Scoundrel weighs in and lays the blame where it belongs—with the voters who continue to see these hacks are elected over and over with no thought of political diversity—preferring one party rule, which this most recent scandal is the result.

    QCOnline adds some information including naming Gianulis as a perp in this scandal. Although not mentioned in this report, Gianulis was a co-defendant in a lawsuit brought by GOPers who were wrongly fired in ’03 when Blago took control of the executive. By the time the case was adjudicated, Gianulis was either deathly ill or dead. The upshot being all the GOPers got their jobs back with a nice $$$$$ settlement to boot.

    Also in the QCO report is the naming of the positions that Hare “helped” get jobs with IDOT; 2 district schedulers and a regional field organizer. I think I vaguely remember the one Hare staffer who got a job in Dixon even before Hare got the heave-ho; I think his name was Andy and he was a big guy. I’m sure the Schillites know the names of the others.

    Also mentioned is Hare’s son, with the master’s degree in theater who somehow managed to get a job at EMCC even though he was completely unqualified. That has been thrashed out several years ago, and he STILL has his job.


    QCTimes names names saying one of these “hires” was Pat O’Brien. What is it with these Democrats, even though well educated STILL cannot cut it in the private sector?

    I give QCT credit for at least attempting to contact O’Brien and Hare, but unfortunately, they “couldn’t be reached for comment”. 😀

    Maybe WQAD and QCOnline also attempted to get comment, but if they did, it seems they did not want to embarrass Hare by including the “no comment” in their reports.

  4. Party Boss Bill Broom has declared this an outrage. He also has declared that Budos does owe us $38,400. I bet Doug House is shaking in his boots!

    I went and saw the candidate for Lt. Gov today at City Limits and was quite impressed. Her and Lazenby are the “women to beat” in RI County this election.

    The RICO Repubs have been playing a great game of ball with slam dunks left and right!! (Minus the hash browns Broom spilled all over his shirt this morning)

  5. Several of my buddies hired years ago under a GOP leadership all the way to the Gov had to pay cash to get their gratutious careers at the prisons as corrections officers. Its always gone both ways.

  6. “Scoundrel weighs in and lays the blame where it belongs—with the voters??? who continue to see these hacks are elected over and over with no thought of political diversity???”

    Let’s not forget Republicans Rep Pappas and Carpentier and their role in the Cement Bribery Trial. Now that is real corruption.

    Who are these hacks that you refer?

    We got rid of (D) Terronez, (R) Pappas (R) Bertelsen, (R) Carpentier, (D) Crundwell, (R) Ryan, and (D) Blaggo.

    Of course what Terronez did was just plain wrong but it was not corruption like these others were.

    Illinois has some of toughest corruption laws and do a great job of flushing these crooks out.

    If you or the Scoundrel know of other crooks it is your duty to report them.

    If not stop acting like there is all of this corruption!

  7. One of the best comments I read on QCOnline was “in other news today, dog bites man.” And that is the problem in a nutshell. 255 improper hirings in the State of Illinois! You have to wonder just how many hirings that the investigators gave a pass because they couldn’t connect all the dots. That one fact from the story speaks volumes about One Party Rule. Politicians of all factions have come to expect the protection offered by the see-no-evil mentality of government institutions; as well as the lemming voters casting their votes for more of the same because the candidates and voters all have the same color of shirts hanging in the closet. People go to college in order to learn how to live large off the government. Then the politicians hire all their friends and family to join in the party. I stumbled across an example of government employees milking the system several years back. You know you can find some interesting things at curb alerts put out by landlords evicting tenants. In one such pile I was rummaging I came across a cardboard box full of packages of antibiotic pills clearly marked East Moline Correction Center. They had to have come from someone working in the medical unit of the prison. And in the amount of products in the box – unless they have absolutely no inventory control- someone in power had to know there was a problem and/or had authorized the theft.

  8. The scoundrel, I hope you did the right thing while searching through the trash and called the police or at least the poison controll.

    You can’t just throw prescription drugs in the trash and according to my mother once you pick up someone else’s trash it becomes your responsibility to dispose of it responsibly.

    Please Scoundrel tell me the outcome of this story that you are sharing.

    Did the police find the culprit?

    They would have been easy to find.

    I hope you did the right thing.

  9. Ok, do we have to put up with Flea Bag-the TEA PARTY hammer? So, Flea-Bag, where is your New and Improved Senator to replace Jacobs because “he is part of the problem”, Neil Anderson? Iron Mike Jacobs is here to stay my GOP hack. Where is the big balloon pizza machine Bill Long?

  10. The wonderful specially selected congressman Phil Hare is back in the national news and this time it isn’t about his stupid comment about the constitution and how he didn’t give a hoot about it.

    Rich Miller has a roundup of IDOT corruption new and links including one by AP identifying The Philster by name. Also mentioned is that guy I couldn’t remember—-Andy Waeyaert. Both names arose from questions asked as to why more illegal hires hadn’t been given the heave-ho. The answer is they were allowed to burrow further into the bureaucracy and thus avoid the Fickle Finger Of Corruption.

    For now.

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