Beat The Press

Bill Bloom really, REALLY hates the local press:

“Recently, the local media have been portraying the Rock Island County (RICO) Democratic Party as some sort of leader in pushing downsizing the county board and demanding the county consider a paid administrator…I think a trip down memory lane would be useful not only for the readers but for members of the media who are perpetuating this myth.”.


Bloom then continues with the history of how the RICO GOP launched the “Clean Slate” initiative and how the RICO Dems fought them tooth and nail, including this telling comment from some of those who were approached to sign the petitions but declined, saying:

“I agree with the petition but I am afraid of retaliation”

Wouldn’t THAT be a juicy subject for investigative reporting?

Bloom then takes this final shot:

“As for members of the media who are attempting to hand the issue to the RICo Democrats, perhaps they should look at their own coverage of ballot measure in the fall of 2012.”

Oh, snap!

Normally it is a losing proposition to attack the press, but in this case I think Bloom is correct. The RICO GOP has been down and out for so long, they need to make sure that credit for these popular reforms go to them, not the obstructionist Dems, who only jumped on board after these measures met public approval.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

2 thoughts on “Beat The Press”

  1. Republican Party Boss Bill Bloom trying to take credit for something that is being done by Democrats is truly pathetic.

    Doug House came out for this measure and quickly was met by enthusiasm from the Democrats on the board except for Republican chair Phil Banosik.

    If the Republicans and the people would have wanted this opperation clean slate would have been a winner. Instead they were losers and Bill Bloom and the Republicans look like babies in the press.

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