Full Of Sound And Fury

Team Schilling is making quite a stir with a press release demanding Cheri Bustos return 10% of her congressional salary or at least donate the $34,800 to vets or a charity of her choice because during an interview with the Chicago Tribune editorial board two years ago before she was elected, Bustos said she would do it even if legislation requiring it did not pass.

Which it didn’t.

The Bustos spox says this is all just a mistake and that she “misspoke”.

I’m sure.

The insider’s insider Rich Miller seems to think this is a potential game changer. I’m not so certain. Politicians make claims like this all the time and let’s get real here, some are more egregious that others. That this oopsey would change the entire trajectory of the 17th CD race seems unlikely to me, but who knows? When you’ve got two bland moderates running against each other, the issues will turn on the trivial rather than the non-trivial.

Tellingly, QCOnline leads with the Bustos spin and leaves Schilling’s charge until the end of the article.

Shocking, I know.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

3 thoughts on “Full Of Sound And Fury”

  1. Here’s what’s really pathetic. We all know she’s a lying obfuscating do-nothing empty suit. Yet, despite that being the very core of who she is an elected official, she’s not even very good at that.

    The fact is, Slick Willy would never be trapped by this the way she is. The first time I read the transcript I was confused about all the hubbub due to following grammatical rules regarding objects referred to by verbs.

    It’s too late for her now. Her campaign already said she misspoke. She can’t change her explanation to “this is a misunderstanding”.

    I can’t decide if I want to reveal what a brighter more politically savvy person would’ve said or not. I’ll leave it at this. Pay attention to when she was interrupted and how her sentence was broken up. Then pay attention to what the clarifying question was.

    To put a variation on slick willy’s famous line, it depends on what the definition of do it is. Or more accurately, it depends on what you’re referring to when you ask if she’ll “do it”.

  2. RedState has picked up this story, and though I doubt it will achieve the level of fame that Hare’s “I don’t worry about the Constitution” idiotic quote did, this Bustos kerfuffle has now traveled beyond Illinois.


    What Bustos ought to do to save this situation is just come out and say it was two years ago and maybe she meant “yes” or maybe she really did misspeak or maybe she was just anxious to move on to her next talking point and had no idea what she said, but in any event, her affirmative reply is on tape so rather than make a big deal out of it, she agrees to write a personal check in the amount of $_____ payable to ______.

    If that Jensen guy has to fall on his sword in order to protect his candidate—-well, it wouldn’t be the first time that sort of thing happened, would it?

    As a bonus she could denounce Schilling for focusing on the trivial while people of the 17th are suffering, no jobs, bad economy, and she chooses to take the high road so they move on to the really important issues facing the district. etc. etc.

    Of course, her campaign tends to focus on the trivial also, so maybe just ‘fess up, pay up and move on.

  3. A D/A editorial weighs in on this—sorta. For the most part is a meandering, pointless editorial ultimately claiming this is “embarrassing” for Bustos and her staff, then launching into the classic “it remains to be seen” if this will move the vote in Schilling’s direction.

    My guess is it will soon be forgotten. If Bustos thought this was going to hurt her, she would have moved by now. Unfortunately politicians lie, “misspeak” and fudge the truth all the time but still get elected and re-elected. The Dick Durbin stated multiple times that with obamacare if you like your plan you can keep your plan, etc. yet there is little doubt he will get another term. Verschoore swore he would never raise taxes, but when he did, he got another term. The examples are limitless.

    This is not like Hare getting caught-on-tape saying he doesn’t give a hoot about the constitution, and my guess is this Bustos kerfuffle will die when the Next Big Thing shows up on media radar.

    Of course, I’ve been wrong before. 😀

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