Schilling Hammers Bustos On Failing Voter’s #1 Priority

Despite promise, Bustos did not forego pay during government shutdown.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

10 thoughts on “Schilling Hammers Bustos On Failing Voter’s #1 Priority”

  1. Congresswoman Bustos lives paycheck to paycheck and with her fathers passing it probably just slipped her mind.

    How sad to hear Schilling is running around attacking Congressperson Bustos in her time of grief.

    Schilling has plenty of cash to not take her check selling visas to foreigners.

  2. I guess this is what politicians like Mr. Schilling do when they are down by 8 points. What exactly is Mr. Schilling’s plan to create jobs, improve education or clean up pollution? Rather than talk about “frivolous issues” — Mr. Schilling should tell us exactly what he plans to do to improve our lives?

    Over the past two years taxpayers saved $378,294 as we didn’t have to issue a single government paycheck to Bobby Schilling or his crummy pizza joint.

  3. Even though you lie like a dog and can be a pain in the keester, I gotta agree Randy—is this really the most important and pressing issue for voters in the 17th CD?

  4. Callahan-Bustos is worth 5 MILLION dollars! She was driving a Cadillac XLR and Hummer last election while living in a $350K condo in Des Moines and occasionally stopping by her carpetbagger residence worth a couple hundred thousand. She afforded all this with her $300K+ per year salary for the job where she was paid to read cue cards (just like she does now).

    After she got elected she purchased another $300K+ condo in D.C. Where she has a total compensation of close to $300K (just under $200K salary and just under $100K in travel & expenses).

    The hell she’s living paycheck to paycheck.

    Rich people talking about their financial struggles drives me crazy. I’m happy for her success, despite my belief that she’s done little to earn it. But I make way less than her (I’m also much younger. Much MUCH younger) and you’ll NEVER hear me complain about my income.

    I guess that’s the difference between those of us who grew up poor and those like her who grew up in political royalty. Those of us who made it from nothing have a much better appreciation for what we have.

    Sidenote: she was supposed to return the money long before her father died. Excellent attempt at deception though.

  5. Agree with this:

    “Rich people talking about their financial struggles drives me crazy.”

    Ditto ER. But you are a better man than I am and I hope Schilling appreciates what you are doing for him because he has driven Cadillacs and is not exactly among the downtrodden either even as he casts himself as living hand-to-mouth.

    It is unfortunate politicians can’t just be honest about their financial status. CTU President Karen Lewis, who some think will challenge Rahm Emanuel for mayor of Murder Town, says she is “middle class” even though she makes $200K+ and has three homes, including one in Hawaii and one in the chi-chi part of Michigan.

    This class warfare “I’m more downtrodden than my opponent” b.s. is nuts!

    Just say who you are—with no apologies.

  6. I almost forgot to point out the following…

    “I request that you withhold my pay until the government shutdown is resolved.”

    Callahan-Bustos chose her words carefully (well, whoever wrote the letter for her did). Her choice of words is why I wasn’t surprised that she didn’t refuse any pay from the shutdown. If you read closely, she never says she will. Basically she requested that the people who distribute checks on pay day hang on to hers until the shutdown was over. If she wanted to “forfeit all compensation for the period in which the government is shut down” she could have said that. She deliberately chose not to. Words have meaning and hers meant she would always get her money in the end. (Of course, she waited so long to perform this publicity stunt that by time anything could’ve been done about it the shutdown had ended and we were back to the deficit spending that liberals love.)

    As for Bobby, I think there’s a difference between the two. First of all, their financial disclosures last election showed that he had far less wealth than she did. Then there’s his campaign’s explanation of the fact that he has practically quit his job to run for office and therefore his income has been dramatically reduced. I know this to be true from personal experience. Contrary to what some have alleged, I did a lot more during my campaign than just write press releases and use social media. A great deal of my time was spent traveling all around the district meeting people and trying to gain support. MOST of that time COULD have been spent meeting with potential clients. My campaign was the first time I faced real financial trouble in my entire adult life. I’m not saying Bobby is living hand to mouth, but I do believe he could be living paycheck to paycheck, especially with 10 kids, the majority of whom still live at home, and a lowered income.

  7. I dunno, you might be right about Schilling since I’m not one to go combing through financial disclosure statements and the like.

    On the other hand, this is Schilling’s third rodeo and during his first campaign all he had was his pizza joint, which was and is family operated, and he spent a good 18 months to 2 years traveling up and down the 17th CD since he was a complete unknown in ’09.

    So he should know well the financial cost of campaigning and besides that he has more income now, even at part time, than he had in ’10 and ’12 when all he had was his pizza place.

    Also you are right about the weasel words Bustos used for this “pledge”—but whaddaya gonna do—she’s a politician!

    Which is why most people just tune this stuff out. Which was kinda the point of my subsequent comments along with my annoyance at middle-upper class politicians fighting over who is the most downtrodden.

    Enough already!

  8. I’m going to just sit here, shake my head a bit, and then co-sign everything Eric Reyes just said.

  9. I have heard quite about the massive propery Bobby owns in Missouri but cant find much about it. Heard its a hunting and fishing on Schilling lake. He reported no income from this property but I question that because I heard its a business.

  10. So what? I heard Bustos keeps sex slaves and owns a tranny tattoo parlor in Vegas.

    What’s your point? The world’s full of slander, innit?

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