It Was A Dark And Stormy Night

Excerpt from a story in QCOnline about a march in Rock Island in support of Michael Brown:

“The little girl walked silently alongside her mom, past new homes nearby on 10th street, past older buildings and homes, past a dirt field where a new $17.5 million police station will be located near 12th and 13th streets that city officials hope will rejuvenate the city’s west end.”

…past the robin with a twig in its beak, past a wad of chewing gum on the sidewalk, past discarded water bottles, past used condoms and empty beer cans….etc.

I smell a Pulitzer!


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

7 thoughts on “It Was A Dark And Stormy Night”

  1. Your version is better … but why was the girl silent? Surely the author could have had her proclaim …

    then the little girl came to “a dirt field where a new $17.5 million police station will be located near 12th and 13th streets”. Her eyes lit up and she started skipping, singing to Mom … “if they build it, they will come … to rejuvenate the city’s west end.”

    And there could be a yellow brick road … etc. It’s all for the chillens. πŸ™‚

  2. I understand what they are doing because I thought/felt the same way when the federal government went all Dem in ’08 and we got Obamacare, “stimulus”, Bail Outs R Us”, etc.

    Even though I had never before been politically active, I felt I just had to DO something, even if it was just mindless protesting in front of Phil Hare’s office with the TEA Party.

    So I give them that, even though this march will not change a thing since the problems that brought on Ferguson are deep, bred in the bone and cannot be easily solved.

    My objection was the way it was “reported” in QCOnline—like something out of a Barbara Cartland novel—or Bulwer-Lytton. πŸ˜€

  3. oh duh, I didn’t even catch the part about Ferguson. I guessed it was promoting the new police station. Shoulda followed the link.

    From my view the problems of Ferguson are at root, that blacks are coddled and told nothing is their fault, they should just demand more from the white man, and join a gang.

    The immediate problem in Ferguson is that it just takes Crump and Sharpton to show up, and people start marching with scripted racist lies leading the way. The Democrat governor only gets elected with massive black support in St Louis and KC, so he calls for a “vigorous prosecution” before the grand jury even looks at evidence. It is Trayvon Martin Redux.

    Their gentle giant hero was a thug that was probably on more than dope, that had attacked the store worker AND already badly injured the cop. Then it seems certain, Brown turned and charged the cop again, not stopping even after four or so shots to the arm. He apparently dropped just a few feet in front of the cop after the shot to his head … probably with head lowered as if to tackle the cop.

    None of that is hard to find, so I sympathize that some blacks want to take action, but marching for Brown means they are still looking without, rather than within, for answers. If Brown is victim of anyone, it is the Democrats with their leftist model of keeping blacks voting Democrat for a lifetime, by stirring up racial hatred at every chance.

  4. Yeah I don’t think the victim thing and pouring mass quantities of taxpayer $$$$ into the community is really working out for them.

    At some point, the black community is going to have to take responsibility for themselves instead standing on the sidelines and hoping the government does it for them. Some brave blacks are already saying it, but this idea of helpless victimhood has been so institutionalized and entrenched it will be extremely difficult to change.

    Holder was in Ferguson today whining to a group of high school students that HE had been racially profiled. He may be the highest law enforcement officer in the land but by golly he is still a victim!

    Sad and pathetic.

  5. Obama/Holder need these Sharpton/Jackson fires raging, to motivate turnout, and to keep their lieutenants in the field inspired to drive people to the polls.

    “My People” Holder is right in a sense, that he and Obama are held to a different standard because they are black. The bar is much LOWER, crimes are excused for Obama and Holder. Trayvon and Brown are made martyrs, and it seems like a deliberate attempt to justify, perhaps even encourage lawlessness. They aren’t thrust onto the national stage accidentally. Orwell revealed the power of “Hate Week” long ago. Even the new Black Panthers are given time at the microphone in press conferences now, and the gangs are given legitimacy.

    It is sad and pathetic, but also an effective power play. No matter how dishonest and corrupt, they can count on 95% of the black vote, and 70% of Hispanics, and most of the unions. They don’t get that running on a “law and order” platform, they need to fuel some outrage and riots. As I heard it, cops were ordered to stand down as the rioters looted … who gives that kind of command?

  6. I have also seen suggestions that Obama and the Dems/libs/media are whipping this up to be another Trayvon Martin in order to fire up their base and drive people to the polls in November. It’s depressing to be that cynical, but considering Obama’s actions and behaviors in the past, it is hard to discount that notion.

    There is supposedly a Day Of Rage demonstration today nation wide to whip up the Faithful. The idiot Spike Lee is urging an “uprising”. As I like to say, if you live long enough you will see everything twice. The “uprising” in 1968 during the LBJ administration drove the nation away from Dems and into the loving arms of Mr. Law And Order—Richard Nixon!

    Not sure I agree with the 70% Hispanic vote for Dems. Things look different down here and I have some links saved in hopes of doing a post about how Hispanics are misrepresented by both the left and right. For now I’m waiting for some commentary on what my governor has said today at an immigration forum.

  7. Hispanics are supposedly conservative family Christian types, and there is some truth to that. But those coming from Mexico especially, have lived under some version of socialism and tyranny. It would seem they don’t project their “conservative” mindset into the realm of socialist government.

    Maybe that could be changed … Gov. Martinez seems conservative I guess. I don’t recall where I got that 70% off the top of my head, but (thx Google) Obama got 75% in 2012, even more in battleground states.

    WASPy America is the common enemy of PC America, and our educators have been molding kids into socialists for a long time. “Education is to exert an influence penetrating to the roots of vital impulse and action” … according to one of the Hitler educators. That is at the heart of common core, according to what I’m reading now.

    Too many from Mexico are used to the foot on the neck, and I only hope the internet exposes our youth to facts that lead to freedom, rather than molding them into PC drones.

    I will leave it to bloggers like you to expose the scams, and start the next revolution. Time for a beer here. πŸ™‚

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