The Mayor Of Crazytown

At an open borders/amnesty rally yesterday in Davenport, Mayor Bill Gluba blamed defense spending since the 1960s and free trade agreements for the border crisis.

Gluba claims if we had not spent all that $$$$ on the Viet Nam war, defense build up during the Cold War, Kosovo, Gulf War I, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc, all that $$$$ could have been spend “raising the quality of life for people in Central and South America”.

Why that is our job rather than the job of the governments of Central and South America is not clear.

Also NAFTA and various other free trade agreements.

Gluba is obviously no Clinton Democrat!

Gluba also said he was at a meeting at the White House with mayors of 75 other cities brainstorming how they could bring even MORE illegals to their towns.

Of course, no mention was made of the current high national unemployment rate, especially the high African-American unemployment rate, or how all these new illegals with no skills or even knowledge of English would be productive members of society—they’ll work that out later.

Because, it’s for the chilllldern!!!


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

5 thoughts on “The Mayor Of Crazytown”

  1. Eric Reyes should be ashamed of himself.

    Send back innocent children.

    Who does he recommend sending them to the parents that shipped them off.

  2. Yes.

    Unless they come from a leftist nation. Then send them to their home government since they are under the mistaken impression that child-rearing is the responsibility of government.

  3. ER I’ve thought of that myself; TX bears an incredible financial burden with all this illegal immigration, so why not send them to the states/districts of the open borders crowd? Obama’s Hyde Park neighborhood, the Dick Durbin’s Springfield, Nancy Pelosi’s chi-chi San Francisco neighborhood, Chuck Schumer’s NY neighborhood, etc.

    To many in the north, the unchecked flood of illegal immigration is just an abstraction and not real. I say make it real for them, then see what they say.

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