“I Didn’t Leave The Democratic Party, The Democratic Party Left Me”

Joe Piscopo’s confessions of a disillusioned Democrat.

Joe’s problem is that he is a JFK Democrat, and that breed hasn’t existed since the 1960s. No Democrat today is for a strong national defense and tax cuts. No Democrat today is even a 90s Bill Clinton Democrat. NAFTA? DOMA? Don’t Ask Don’t Tell? Balanced budgets?

Get real.

Piscopo is just another liberal mugged (belatedly) by reality.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

One thought on ““I Didn’t Leave The Democratic Party, The Democratic Party Left Me””

  1. “Mugged by reality” lol yeah, as opposed to the dream world of Orwellian rhetoric the left has used, since WW2 or probably earlier.

    My working theory now, is that the communists that Joe McCarthy railed against, never left Hollywood. They became entrenched, and took over Big Media. They also moved into the “green party” groups, and environmental movements were taken over by their operatives.

    Key in that, is that these forces had state support, mostly from Russia I would guess. Undermining our values based culture has been a long term strategy, of which “sex, drugs, rock n roll” is just one element.

    We had won in Vietnam when Democrats refused to “support the peace” by resupplying weapons to the South. It is quite analogous to Obama’s surrender of Iraq by refusing to leave 15,000 troops to maintain what we had won. All the hippies spitting on our troops, or Hanoi Jane’s treason (later CNN babe), or John Kerry lying about atrocities by the troops … all these are coordinated or motivated by the communists, as I see it.

    It wasn’t just Obama’s “God Damn America” church supporting the communists/Sandinistas in the 80’s. There were many America based groups united with the communists. I’m really not sure we won the cold war at all … they just moved their forces/stooges into our universities and the networks, and political offices with Democrat labels.

    Too bad Joe P doesn’t realize the LBJ was against most of the civil rights movement.

    And of course Oswald was a communist supporter, and according to an FBI guy, had been in touch with the KGB in Mexico.

    I’m not sure the Democrats have changed at their root … they are just coming out of the communist closet. Some prefer “socialist” or “Marxist” or “fascist”, but I think communist is most descriptive, even though raw communism is not the same as the academic’s flowery definition.

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