Me And My Shadow

Bored with rabble rousing, the Dispatch-Argus turns to informational journalism with this article about how things stand in the 17th CD concerning Social Security reform—or lack thereof.

Following is an abstract of the positions of Cheri Bustos (CB) and Bobby Schilling (BS) to questions posed by reporter Eric Timmons (ET):

ET: Do you believe benefits should be cut for geezers currently on SS?

CB: No

BS: No

ET: Do you supporting lifting the $117,000 cap?

CB: Maybe

BS: No

ET: Do you support raising the eligibility age?

CB: No comment

BS: No

ET: Do you support chained CPI?

CB: No

BS: Maybe


There is lots of other useful information in the article like the fact that supposedly Social Security is solvent until 2033, but all government predictions and projections should be taken with a massive dose of sodium, since they are consistently wrong. Whether by accident or design, I cannot say.

It is a canard to suggest anyone is demanding benefits be cut from those who are currently in the system. I have never seen any credible person say such a thing. The only place I have seen this promoted is in leftwing blogs since they believe geezers ought to share in the suffering.

So, overall this was a fairly decent and useful article about what positions Bustos and Schilling have on this topic. But if it is true that there won’t be a problem for another 20 years I don’t really think our politicos will be anxious to jump on “reform”. Besides, any reform would have to be bipartisan, which Bustos suggests in her answers to lifting the cap and raising the eligibility age.

On the positive side, with so much division and hostility in congress, the 17th CD should be grateful that both their candidates actually agree on something.


Author: qcexaminer

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