I Hear You Knocking, But You Can’t Come In

Because yesterday’s fundraiser for Bobby Schilling with John Boehner barred the press, the Dispatch/Argus decided it was time to teach Schilling a lesson he so richly deserved by writing an article that had absolutely no useful information for voters but was instead a Bobby Bash-A Thon.

According to the article, Schilling/Boehner had no control over this and didn’t do this out of spite, but rather:

“Local police said they were acting at the behest of U.S. Capitol Police officers who travel with Rep. Boehner”.

Considering how President Lightworker has worked overtime for the last four years demonizing and denigrating Boehner, and considering the virulence of the loony left, the Speaker likely gets more death threats than Obama.

But on to the meat of the Bash-O-Thon:

1.  The DCCC was quoted—or “pounced” as it was described in the D/A, as claiming Schilling was hiding from press scrutiny.  How absurd—but evidently not absurd enough to be excluded from this enlightening “report”.

2.  Mention is made of a Schilling fundraiser with Boehner in ’12 that was open to the press.  I assume this was mentioned, not just out of press peevishness, but to somehow justify their  blowing it out of proportion.  Or something.

3.  Comparison is made to Cheri Bustos who last year had intended to hold economic forums closed to the press, but then relented after a story appeared in the D/A criticizing her decision.  See what a good girl she is and what a bad boy Bobby is?  Sheesh!

4.  Then, out of the blue, the “report” drags in the controversy about raising the minimum wage and the protest the Dems organized against Schilling/Boehner for their lack of support for this job and business killer..

5.  Space is given to union shill and professional agitator Dino Leone to parrot his inane and trite talking points, that Schilling and Boehner are “out of touch” with ordinary Americans, and this classic:  “Obviously, they are more concerned about the rich”.  No facts were checked or skepticism exhibited in this “report” for this silliness.  I’m surprised the D/A didn’t drag in a bunch of other Democrat special interests:  nothing from Planned Parenthood?  Jesse Jackson? Trial lawyers? Academics?  La Raza?  PBS/NPR?

The fact that the D/A is making a big deal out of the “no press” is beyond petty.  Aside from security concerns for Boehner, President Lightworker has attended 400+ fundraisers and I don’t believe the press has ever been invited.  But this fact doesn’t matter to the D/A.

I understand these are the dog days of August when real news is sketchy at best, but to publish something this ridiculously punitive is pathetic. 


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

14 thoughts on “I Hear You Knocking, But You Can’t Come In”

  1. The reason that Schilling and the Republican angry white men don’t want to be videotaped when they meet in groups is because the crazy extremist talk that goes on is inflammatory to the average American.

    They use this extremist talk to get the big business no tax group to give big dollars.

    If these Politicians like Schilling were to talk real talk with real solutions their core money millionaires would not give to them.

    2 years ago the tea party express and the The Annual Lincoln Day Dinner Dance videos were put out for the public and their extremes taped speeches were used against these pols.

    This year all the speeches were never even videotaped except for maybe by the party bosses who watch these tapes in the secrecy of their own home.

  2. I think you might be right, at least in part. Here’s what I think might be going on:

    1. As I said, security for Boehner so the leftwing wackos don’t take him out in order to please their lord and master Obama.

    2. Learning from the experience of Mitt Romney whose secretly recorded statements about the 47% didn’t exactly help his election prospects.

    3. Learning from the experience of this year’s Lincoln Day Dinner, where D/A reporter Eric Timmons actually created news and controversy by tipping Rauner off about the more “interesting” comments of Rev. Johnson.

    4. Also, as you say, the Democrats would take video out of context and go batpoop crazy with it. Since “journalists” are natural allies of the Dems, they would be the bag men dishing out the video to the Dems for mutilation purposes.

    Every election cycle it seems political campaigns become hairier and hairier. and access is locked down more every two years. At some point the politicians may revert to the McKinley method of campaigning and never leave their front porches while reading campaign speeches.

    Back to the future!

  3. Timmons is one of the worst one sided reporters in the area. Bustos has had numerous closed media fundraisers and not a peep out of the D/A about it.

    It’s such a joke though. Why not report on stagnant wages, or why the current admin can’t get people back to work and turn things around?

    Or ask the question to Bustos….”You say you support raising minimum wage on the federal level, but all the small business you are visiting are telling you they are against it, so what are you going to do? Do you still have the same stance?”


  4. Is Timmons really worse than Brandy Donaldson? I think he’s doing a good job covering the shenanigans in RICO government, but he is certainly less than stellar at the congressional level.

    Agree with you about the shallow and inane nature of the press today—and not just in the QCs. In passing I alluded to the complete lack of useful voter information contained in Timmons’ “report”. It is obviously easier—and possibly cheaper to “report” opinion as news and to gin up controversy rather than do the hard work of research and reasoning.

    Between the politicians and the press, it is little wonder that the vast majority of voters tune out and drop out.

  5. The practice of hiding information from certain individuals or groups of voters and sharing it with others is not an America value, so wat is the motivation for Schilling’s secrecy?

    For the record, exactly when did x-Congressman Bobby Schilling, Republican Leader Bohner and RICO Party Boss Bill Bloom replace the rule of law with secrecy? Do these so called “public servant” really think secrecy is better than transparency?

  6. Please!!

    Boner, Schilling, Anderson and The Woz don’t need anybody to take them out of context to get video gold.

    When these Extremists talk to their money people and they don’t think people are listening they say what they mean just like we heard with Mitt Romney.

    One of Schillings direct quotes that you would say was out of context.

    “One of the biggest problems is, you know, I got some Hispanic friends is that, a lot of those folks that don’t know English, is primarily because they don’t even know Spanish,” Rep. Schilling said at a forum in Annawan. “So, they don’t even know their own language, so that’s why you’ve got these teachers coming in helping them to try and get them better with their own language and then kind of teach ’em. It’s a pretty tough battle.”

    Eric Reyes said Rep. Schilling’s comment was “offensive” and “absurd” and unfairly singled out the Hispanic community.

    “I think it gives a bad impression,” Mr. Reyes said of the comment. “It’s sort of like a ‘you people’ comment that suggests that Latino people as a whole are not teaching their kids.”

    This is the kind of out of context statements with direct quotes or actually recorded in Mitt Romneys out of context statements you refer to.


  7. You Dimocrats crack me up! Ya gotta love the complete lack of self-awareness contained in their wacky comments.

    Hey Randy, maybe Schilling and Bloom decided to “replace the rule of law with secrecy” about the time Democrat Barack Obama did, because it certainly seems Obama “really think(s) secrecy is better than transparency”. 😀

  8. Just saying that Obama does it doesn’t realy work.

    Either you agree with Boehner, Schilling and Bloom that secrecy is good or you don’t.

    These Republicans and their extremist negative talk in private is truly troubling.

  9. Sorry but it DOES really work. You can’t exempt the most powerful Democrat in the land but demand that an unelected candidate and a county GOP official must be held to a higher/different standard than the POTUS.

    I’ll turn it back on you; either you agree with President Obama that secrecy is good or you don’t.

    Don’t be a hypocrite—if secrecy is good for Obama and Democrats then it must be good for Schilling/Bloom and the GOP.

    Step up your game—your comment was just plain silly.

  10. So you are fine with Bobby holding secret meetings and banning the press from entering the room? Personally I feel a free and open press ensure that government represent the people. When press is free to tell the truth about the government the government can be held accountable by its citizens. From my perspective, Bobby is a public servant and not an “untouchable entity” voters have no control over. Please release these tapes Mr. Schilling!!!!!!

  11. Some questions for you Randy:

    1. Do you mean when the press is free to tell the truth about government when they mindless parroted Obama/Durbin/etc. lie that if you like your plan you can keep your plan? Where were all those inquiring minds when the Dems were lying their keesters off about Obamacare? How often does the “free” press really tell the truth rather than cover and protect The Establishment? Don’t you agree that “journalists” are just Democrat operatives with bylines?

    2. How do you figure Schilling is a “public servant” since he is a private citizen? Please explain.

    3. Schilling will release the tapes when Obama releases the tapes from all his 400+ fundraisers, plus restores the emails from the IRS, EPA, etc.
    You must certainly agree that what Obama is hiding is more important than any Schilling tape.

    Or you really just a hack?

  12. 1. No, what I meant is that Mr. Schilling held a public rally and didn’t allow the press in the hall to hear his extremist Tea Party views. If you really think journalist Sean Hannity or Megan Kelly are “Democrat operatives with a byline” you are nuts.

    2. AsMr. Schilling drives a big black SUV with Congressional plates I think your point his moot. However, I would also note Mr. Schilling is the elected Republican Congresional candidate for the 17th District.
    The idea Bobby is a private citizen. and not a politician is far-fetched.

    3. Mr. Schilling’s lack of transparency isn’t about what others do or do not do. Fact is, Schilling sponsored a public dance and taxpayers came to hear him speak, but when authorized taxpaying members of the press came to tape Mr. Schilling’s witty comments —Bobby banned the press from the property.

    Release the tapes Mr. Schilling? Did Mr. Schilling really say he’s going to lead the impeachment of President Obama?

  13. Unfortunately for you, this conversation is really getting stupid.

    You and Ellen and Timmons need to go back to the drawing board in order to gin up controversy about Schilling.

    It would be helpful if you could focus on something that the Democrats don’t do X400 than the GOP.

    Getting worked up over Schilling’s lack of transparency when even the liberal press acknowledges that Obama is more secretive than Nixon is never going to work for you as a talking point.

    Also, your hypocrisy just makes us laugh. When will Obama/Durbin/Bustos release their tapes?

    Time to move on, you have exposed yourselves as buffoons that no rational person could possibly take seriously.

    Let me know when Bustos or someone from her campaign demands Schilling release the tapes—THEN we’ll be cookin’!

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