Try To Act Surprised

In a recent We Ask America poll done for the Chicago Sun-Times, in response to the question: “Which gubernatorial candidate do you consider a reformer”, 46.51% said Bruce Rauner and 21.06% said Pat Quinn. The rest said, eh, whatever.

Some people are baffled by this because didn’t Quinn always claim to be a reformer? And if a Democrat says something, isn’t it always true?

Pat Quinn has been banging around politics in Chicago and Springfield for decades and along with Madigan, Cullerton, Jacobs, etc. he is a long time member of The Establishment Party and therefore cannot be a reformer, because the mission of The Establishment Party is to enforce, protect and defend the status quo—which is by its nature and definition is anti-reform. I seriously doubt Quinn has ever been a real reformer, but rather used it as a vote-getter, which isn’t working now because he has been governor for 6+ years and any sensible person would ask “where the hell’s the reform?”.

There is much more analysis on this poll at Rich Miller’s place, but the bottom line is things ain’t lookin’ good for the Quinnster.

But it’s still a long way to Election Day, so all GOPers are advised to avoid getting cocky.


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None of your damned business.

4 thoughts on “Try To Act Surprised”

  1. Quinn will win, as election time nears people will do the right thing.

    Rauner went on to win by three percentage points 40-37 over state Sen. Kirk Dillard.

    Rauner was up by more than 20 points in the primary polling.

    Polling is a moment in time and it is shown that angry Republicans are more eager to answer polls than realist Democrats.

  2. Well yes. The reason Dillard came within 3 points of Rauner in the primary is because the public employee unions staged a Rush Limbaugh style Operation Chaos and crossed over to vote for Dillard. It was highly unlikely they would have voted for him in the general. They were looking for a weak horse to run against Quinn. Fortunately, they were defeated.

    As for the general, with the new law that allows same day no ID registration and voting, I look for the unions to bus a mob of members over the border from Wisconsin hoping to give Quinn the win.

  3. Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White claims Bruce Rauner buying votes in the black community.

    “He may be encouraging them to support him … with possible promises or some money they may have received,” White said after a Democratic unity breakfast held by the Illinois Democratic County Chairmen’s Association in Springfield. […]

    “Sometimes you go into someone else’s turf, you try to invade them and you try to encourage them to support you and we don’t believe he’s going to be successful in that effort,” White said.

    Did he really think Rauner was trying to buy the black vote?

    “I do,” White said. “I really was surprised at the number of people who were wearing his shirts…Sometimes when you give a person a T-Shirt, they’ll wear it and sometimes they’re unaware of what it says on the back and what the message is they’re trying to convey.”

  4. I saw that on CapFax just a little while ago, and I was astonished that White has such a poor opinion of his own people. If a white person said the black vote could be bought for a T-shirt, and not only that, that blacks were too stupid and “unaware of what it says on the back and what message is they’re trying to convey” everyone would be up in arms and howling raaaaacist!!!!

    I always voted for White for SoS, but either he has been around too long and gotten cynical or is getting dementia.

    Sad, pathetic and disgusting!

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