Advice To Campaign Staff

When taking photos of your candidate at a sparsely attended event, do not take a long shot showing how few were there. Instead, take a close up photo so it will not be obvious that the few who did attend were more interested in their pork chops than your candidate.

Also, remember that few people are interested in ceiling light fixtures and it is wasted space to include so much of that in your photo.

Also, do not take a photo so far away that the average viewer cannot tell if it is your candidate at the podium or Adolph Hitler.

Just some friendly advice so you may avoid mistakes like this.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

2 thoughts on “Advice To Campaign Staff”

  1. Schilling obviously has lost his mojo.

    There was a time when he was the young gun that was going to Get ER’ Done.

    Crowds followed.

    Reality was though that the only accomplishment that Schilling had was that Cheri Bustos helped pass a bill that had language of a bill that Schilling failed to get passed through the Republican controlled Congress.

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