What’s Red And Blue And Pink All Over?



Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

6 thoughts on “What’s Red And Blue And Pink All Over?”

  1. tilts to Rauner for Governor … hurray

    Of course Rauner came out for a new sales tax on like 27 services. And he was part of some nursing homes that were not stellar, though he was not any part of their actual function.

    Still, he should win by five points, one poll has him up by 14 now. Hard to say how much things would change if he wins. At least the Democrat mob (hopefully) wouldn’t have such total control, and he might actually introduce some good ideas. Another Harvard grad, made his own money.

    I made it to a Quincy tea party meeting the other night … maybe fifty folks, mostly older. Some Rauner aide was there looking for volunteers for the campaign. The speaker (Ben Yount, some radio jock) seemed rather apologetic for Rauner, something about ties to Chicago big wigs or something.

    This Yount guy was OK I guess. The big guy bragged that he could show up dressed in (plaid) shorts (with a shirt that didn’t match either). Yeah, fine … whatever … lol. I’ll have to get there early for the food and mingling next time I guess.

  2. Midwest as you know from experience a 5% poll lead means nothing as well as a 10% poll lead can end in an 11% defeat. The only poll that counts is on Election Day.

    Quinn wins by 11% and Rauner leaves his election party early to write a book about how to shelter your money in the Camen islands.

  3. MR when we first moved to TX I attended some Tea Party events because they were hosting candidate forums and I knew nothing about TX politics—and still don’t! Unfortunately, after the election (’12) they were featuring events about Agenda 21, etc.

    Adios amigos! 😀

  4. Ha … yeah, they read a little section from Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. I can read all I want on the internet, a lot faster, and pick and choose. So it’s hard for me to sit through an hour or more just to see if they have something new to say.

    I might go for the meal next time and see if I can meet anyone interesting, get an idea what they have in mind. I walked in a minute late, and some clergy guy was reading some long statement … everybody seemed to have their head down, but maybe they just were reading along from some handout. I forget if he said Amen at the end.

    Anyway … I wasn’t awe inspired, and I didn’t see any chance in hell of meeting that attractive single tea party woman, so I may not go back. The few women there were married and older than me … and that’s pretty old. lol I talked to one lady on the way out though, she said they had 150 there the week before … for some better speaker I guess.

    Not sure about the Agenda 21 thing, except it seemed Beck thought it was another ultimate plot to control us. To me it’s just another idea from the UN leading to grander statist control, like common core, Obamacare, or any leftist agenda item.

  5. If you’re looking for hot chicks at Tea Party meetings, it is better you are in IL than TX. When I went to those candidate forums, the average age of the Tea Partiers appeared to be around 70-75 years old.

    At least in my part of TX.

    Maybe it is the harsh climate. 😀

    I had always thought the Tea Party was a young person’s movement, and it might be—but not here!

  6. yeah, it seems time for the “radicals” on campus to go all non-conformist, by being conservative instead of PC controlled drones. But so far it is the older and wiser mostly .. that stand up in the tea party, with college kids trending toward PC fascism.

    70% poll in favor of smaller government, lower taxes, more self reliance. But the Hollywood/big media world has marinated the brains of anyone under 40 into Marxist PC compliance, which they perceive as “leading edgy”.

    There are some blogs with a few conservative younger folks, but not sure if any tea party groups have a youth movement attached. Conservative is not understood, though “libertarian” sounds more cool, I suppose. Too bad schools don’t teach how relevant the founding fathers are.

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