The Woz Strikes Back…

…with limp wristing.

In a press release titled Rep. Smiddy Splurges with State Mailer, Costs Illinois Taxpayers $10,000, The Woz castigates Smiddy for spending taxpayer $$$ on a mailer touting his glorious tenure as representative of the 71st. The Woz also criticizes Smiddy for voting for the $3K pay raise, which he donated, in part, to the Sterling YWCA.

Gentle readers, this breaks my heart because I know The Woz is more creative and intelligent than this press release would indicate. I know this from my Daily Woz posts where he routinely showed flashes of brilliance in his twitters (tweets? whatever).

This is why this press release is small beer:

1. As for the “pay raise” Smiddy is taking, according to QCOnline “[l]awmakers no longer could take unpaid furlough days because of legal advice based on a court ruling from last year.” So that this “pay raise” was basically forced by the courts.

2. As for the $10,000 mailer, gimme a freakin’ break. Schilling was excoriated for doing the very same thing, and indeed ALL incumbents use this as a way to “inform” their constituents while simultaneously touting how wonderful they are.

Come on Woz, you can do better than this and you are better than this.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

9 thoughts on “The Woz Strikes Back…”

  1. I agree with you QCe, Independent Rep Mike Smiddy sent out these flyers to ensure taxpayers know what they need to know. I also find it wrong for WOZ to criticize Rep Smiddy for contributing $200 to the YMCA. When Rep Smiddy wins back the the crown, Mike will continue to give the YMCA $200 a month for the remainder of his days in Springfield. And baseless attacks about Mike paying himself to put up “his own yard signs” is a bunch of crap. Trust me, no politician, not even Jacobs is that stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ok, so we all know every legislator uses taxpayer money to send out mail to their districts. It’s done time after time.

    However, after reviewing the release (posted on facebook) and actually reading it, how come I didn’t get a mail piece to my house? I’m a taxpayer. What makes others more important than me?

    Plus, what kind of legislator only gets two bills passed since taking office office two years ago and is part of the Super Majority…. If Smiddy can’t work a bill than he is completely useless to the me as a taxpayer.

    We have a lot of issues in this district and all Smiddy can seem to do is take a picture and pay himself thousands of dollars out of his own campaign account completely funded by BIG MONEY.

    Again, do some research and you will see Smiddy is nothing but a union puppet waiting for someone to pull a string from behind the curtain.

    It’s easy to donate to charity when your using my hard earned money. But hey, he’s a nice guy right?

    “I’m Cam Brady and I approve this message”

  3. lol @Randy: “Trust me, no politician, not even Jacobs is that stupid!


    Cam, I’m on your side, but as a LIV myself, this stuff is in the weeds and completely off the average voter’s radar.

    The Woz can be so much better, can DO so much better, that I believe you spinning for him and making excuses for him, will actually HURT him.

    Let The Woz be The Woz—he was winning elections when he was still in college.

    Just let him do it.

  4. Does State Senator Mike Jacobs not do these State funded mail pieces as I did get a Smiddy one but no Jacobs or do I remember ever getting a Jacobs mail piece.

    As for Rep Smiddy he is a great independent populist leader that I and QCE can appreciate.

    Rep Smiddy gives of himself and instead of the Woz complaining he should of opened his pocketbook and at least matched Rep Smiddys donation after all he doesn’t live paycheck to paycheck as he is a lawyer.

    Rep Smiddy takes the high road as the Woz wallowed in the mud.

  5. @qce

    I didn’t know stating facts would hurt someone, but I guess some people just don’t like to hear the truth.

    Iowa is sounding better and better right about now. Maybe even Texas haha.

    At least the Dems haven’t been in control there for the last decade.

    I just think it’s time for a change and we can’t change anything if Smiddy sits behind a desk all day taking selfies for his next press pop…

    Name one thing Smiddy has done to make this district better besides donating my tax money to a charity?

    If anyone should get credit it’s the taxpayers of the 71st district.

    “I’m Cam Brady and I approve this message”

  6. Rep Smiddy brought Western Illinois University and a train to Chicago as well as Gay marriage all while pushing Mike Madigan and his Democratic machine to the curb.

    Rep Smiddy is an independent populist that is more like Lane Evans than anyone ever before.

    Rep. Smiddy gives his salary back to charity and that is what makes him so special.

    Rep Smiddy will make it a clean sweep for the Democrats and the Woz and his “limp wristed” style will cause the area to keep its Democratic roots strong.

  7. It seems the outrage over these mailers by incumbents is bipartisan.

    According to Illinois Review the GOP rep. from the 61st House district (seems to be in and around Lake County) has spent $22K on these constituent mailers and her Dem opponent if crying foul and demanding the $$$$ be returned.

    You know what? Would anyone really miss these things if they were abolished? Really—how many are actually read and how many are automatically given the heave-ho to the circular filing system?

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