Bobby Schilling Channels Mike Jacobs

As I have documented in the past, Sen. Mike “Fists O’ Fury” Jacobs has been on a contant pity party about how downtrodden he is in his inherited job as state senator:

“I live paycheck to paycheck like a lot of people…I’m tight for money like everyone else in this country…We all live paycheck to paycheck, even if you’re making a million dollars…I get paid probably what the average teacher in the Quad-Cities makes.”

etc. etc.

Unseemly, really.

But now, via Rich Miller, Bobby Schilling had this to say about the effect of Obamacare in an interview with WROK Radio:

“And the folks that are living paycheck to paycheck, which is most Americans, including myself…[paying Obamacare premiums] is not something that you want to be putting out when you’ve got a kid that wants to play sports or you want to take a trip for vacation. Instead, you’ve got to funnel your money over to Obamacare, which is something you might ever have to use.”

Really Bobby? You are in your 50s but you don’t know that people buy insurance to protect them against what MIGHT happen, with the hope that you never have to use it? Lame. I’m no Obamacare fan, but if your kid playing sports is more important to you than paying for cancer treatment for that kid—-pathetic. Who is running his campaign? Maggie DePoorter?

I know Schilling has 10 kids, although at least two of them are no longer living at home, but it was Bobby’s choice to have 10 kids and it is his responsibility to provide for them and not whine, like Mike Jacobs who only has one kid, that he lives paycheck to paycheck.

If Schilling is living “paycheck to paycheck”, then, like Mike Jacobs, it his choice and has nothing to do with public policy.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

14 thoughts on “Bobby Schilling Channels Mike Jacobs”

  1. Rep Schilling doesn’t need Obama care as he and his family use the County Health Department and pay pennies on the dollar according to Mrs. Schillings blog.

    The only winner here is independent Rep Smiddy who lives like a king and throws $200 to local charities.

    When was the last time the Woz threw $200 of his ownoney at a charity?

    Rep Smiddy needs no help from Mike Madigan and his Democratic Machine.

    He is the Independant populist that will help our leadership stay totally Democratic as the Woz WAS the Only Republican with a chance of winning their election.

  2. It’s always entertaining to hear from the batsh*t crazy wing of the RICO Democrat Party. πŸ˜€

  3. You’re really stupid. How else do you think Schilling is supposed to articulate the impact Obamacare is having? Should he not point out its impacting him? Do you think he should just let the Dems paint him as an out of touch millionaire when he’s making 60k a year maybe? And let them control the argument by questioning the validity of the accuser like they did with Joe the Plumber?

    If Schillings campaign is being run by Maggie Depoorter, this blog is being run by Phil Hare.

  4. Get your story straight—Bobby Schilling told everyone who would listen that this blog was run by Jon Wallace or Eric Reyes—not Phil Hare.

  5. First rule of debate club: Always begin your response with “You’re really stupid.”


    LOL. JK. I wasn’t in debate club. (Laaaame;)

    (Saw my name again, thought I’d stop by and say hi:)

  6. “Channeling Mike Jacobs” would be the smartest move Bobby Schilling ever made. Mike Jacobs defeated seven political challengers over the past nine years. So if Schilling actually beats “a girl” then perhaps Bobby could be compared to a proven vote getter like Mike Jacobs.

    Just a thought.

  7. In the QCOnline version of this story, Timmons got a reax from Schilling mouthpiece, JSchweppe, who offered this amazing observation:

    “[Living paycheck to paycheck] was an accurate statement…[Schilling is] making a lot of sacrifices to run for public office.”

    I’m not sure casting Schilling as a martyr and victim is really advisable, but hey, if that’s all ya got—go for it!

  8. Rep Schilling and Sen Jacobs both live paycheck to paycheck.

    The bigger problem for Schilling is that this just brings back the issue of Bob and family using the publiclly funded County Health Department as their Doctor and only paying pennies on ghe dollar according to Mrs.Schillings blog.

    It was nice that the D/A mentioned that Schilling is making money by selling Visas to foreign nationals.


  9. Ellen, if the old “Bob and family using the publiclly [sic] funded County Health Department as their Doctor” didn’t sink Schilling waaaaay back in ’09, I seriously doubt it will do so in ’14.

    But hey, if that’s all ya got—go for it!

  10. Thanks for checking in Eric—the link I had to your website was dead so now I have replaced it with your facebook.

    Also following you on twitter now. I got into that several months ago when a reader sent me one of those “invitation to twitter” things so I decided to check it out. I figured it would be some drawn out process like signing up for email, but I was astounded to be an official tweeter in just a few steps—also had some followers while I was trying to figure it out.

    Which I’m still doing. πŸ˜€

    Back in my heavy blogging days in Illinois, my goal was to create posts with a one word title and a one word post. If I can ever figure that out, I’ll figure out twitter!

  11. I am not trying to sink Schilling with the fact that he uses Government Funded Healthcare for his family.

    Just pointing out the fact that Schilling actually does live paycheck to paycheck.

    Most Americans live paycheck to paycheck and live in constant fear of losing their current paychecks except retired folks that have guaranteed pensions.

  12. See, now if Schilling had planned ahead he’d have made sure to be born into political royalty and babysit a U.S. Senator’s kids when he was younger.

    Then he’d NEVER have to worry about having a paycheck again!

    It must be nice to be a first term congressperson and know that if you win reelection you’ll be inheriting your godfather’s US Senate seat in the next term (the Illinois democrat way) and if you lose you’ll be making even more money as a lobbyist.

    Good thing we got rid of the aristocracy in America…

  13. For some reason your comment about “aristocracy” reminded me of something I thought about blogging, but decided it was even too mean for me. πŸ˜€

    In one of the many tributes to Gene Callahan, Cheri Bustos said that often when her dad ended their phone conversations, he would say to her: “I love you, I respect you, and help the helpless.”

    This sounded phony to me, but who knows? Anyway, Bustos claimed this “help the helpless” bit was from Paul Simon when her dad worked for him.

    Aristocracy, indeed.

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