Newton’s Third Law

When I saw that John Boehner would be making a fundraising stop for Bobby Schilling on August 11, I didn’t know what to say about it. Boehner isn’t exactly my favorite GOPer but he is the highest elected Republican in US government, so that is something.

While I was mulling whether to do a post about this, I wandered over to Cheri Bustos’ campaign twitter account where this coming Boehner event caused Team Bustos to light up like Aunt Gladys with a hot flash, as the Bloviating Hammerhead would say.

At last count, Team Bustos had posted at least 10 tweets denouncing Schilling and Boehner for cutting Head Start and other atrocities. Never mind that copious studies have concluded that Head Start does absolutely no good for kids, it is yet another worthless program that must be funded in perpetuity—for the adults.

I understand that Boehner is unpopular, both with Democrats and even some Republicans, but this twitter attack seemed over the top—or not proportional in the current parlance of Israel vs Hamas.

We know Bustos isn’t desperate for $$$$, so this probably isn’t some fundraising ploy, but if Team Bustos is getting this worked up this early over Head Start, it looks like the campaign for 17th CD could be called Trivial Pursuit.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

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