I Meant What I Said And I Said What I Meant

Last month Rep. Mike Smiddy pledged to donate his forced pay raise of $3000 to charity. This statement of good will was met with cynical disbelief by pathetic hack Sen. Mike “Fists O’ Fury” Jacobs who sneered:

“A lot of people say they’re going to give money to charity, but how do we know they ever do?”

How, indeed?

In an unsolicited press release sent to me Friday, during a stop at the Sterling YWCA, which claims to be the “area’s leading provider of services to domestic and sexual assault victims”, “Rep. Smiddy also donated a personal check to Sterling YWCA.”

Several things here:

1. I am not on Smiddy’s—or any politician’s email list, so this was sent to me by an obviously on-the-ball campaign manager who had remembered my post of July 10. A CM like that is worth his weight in gold and is certainly more effective than Team Schilling and Team Dimocrat which believes relentless insults, juvenile put-downs and trash talk will win the day. So bravo Ben Head, well done sir!

2. This move also effectively takes the pay raise off the table as a campaign issue.

3. It also slapped down the idiot Jacobs, who I hope will also receive this press release.

I still want The Woz to win, but Smiddy is making all the right moves and I agree with what commenter QC Republican said in another thread:

“I will give you this, Smiddy is the bright light in an otherwise dull and dumb Dem Chicago-linked dark bar room.”

I hope Smiddy will be the template for the New Democrat that will emerge after all the Jacobs/Verschoore/etc. dinosaurs waddle off to those Tar Pits In The Sky.

Or Hope Creek.

If not sooner.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

8 thoughts on “I Meant What I Said And I Said What I Meant”

  1. Independent Rep Mike Smiddy more like political legend Lane Evans everyday….

    Flashback 1982….Roll Call, the Capitol Hill weekly, surveyed the 174 House members who voted against last year`s pay-ethics package to ask what they will do with their pay raise. The survey found that 63 plan to keep the money, 14 will return it to the treasury and 20 will give it to charity. Fifty-two members said they were undecided and 25 did not respond.

    Rep. Lane Evans, D-Ill., whose district has had high unemployment, said, “It would be outright rude for me to face unemployed auto workers and say we can`t help the needs of your families, but in three days we were able to pass a pay raise to help our needs.“ He pledged in his first campaign to oppose all pay raises.

    Evans, comfortably re-elected to a fourth term in 1988, turns back $15,000 of his salary annually to the treasury. “The biggest charity in the country is the federal budget,“ he said. “And I feel I`m making a symbolic gesture.“

    He said his constituents appreciate the gesture. “It says something — that I think Congress should tighten its own belt, and I`m willing to make the effort.“

  2. Rep Smiddy is doing all the right things and will destroy the Woz.

    Rep Smiddy takes nothing from Madigan and is his own man.

    Rep Smiddy is only a Democrat in name but is an independant thinker that does what the people want like Pat Quinn and the Mike Boland a truly independent populist.

  3. Randy, I don’t know if you are making up this Evans quote or not—since you have been known to lie in the past, but if true, this exposes him as the socialist he is:

    “The biggest charity in the country is the federal budget.”

    Um, no Lane, it isn’t because “charity” is freely given; the federal budget is funded by money seized involuntarily from taxpayers.

  4. Gee Ellen, I’m not so sure it is a positive to compare Smiddy with the feckless Quinn and Boland. But hey, if that’s all ya got—run with it. 😀

  5. You act as though you don’t like populism but Evans, Quinn, Boland and Smiddy are the great populists of their time.
    Every one of these great men have given part of their wages back as well as do what the people want them to do.

    Smiddy will do whatever the people want to get elected.

    This is true representation.

  6. I wonder if “QCe ‘s endorsement” of Independent Rep Mike Smiddy will turn out like it did for Bobby Schilling and Erick Reyes?

    Is the QCe’s support he KISS OF DEATH?

  7. Randy you are truly crazy. Rep Smiddy is a breath of fresh air.

    He is giving his money to a good cause.

    Rep Smiddy has never taken any money from Madigan and his Democratsic Machine.

    The same cannot be said about the Woz who gets almost all of his money from Rauner and his Republican Machine.

    Rep Smiddy is an independent populist and will continue to do and say whatever his electorate wants him to say.

    Rep Smoddy is like a mirror to his people and not wildly outside the norm like the Woz.

    With the QCE on our side it will be a clean sweep for the Democrats in our State campaigns from Senator Durbin to Rep Smiddy.

  8. This is all comical. Smiddy paid himself $40,000 out of his own campaign fund and he donates money out of his “own” pocket to charity… Seriously, everyone on here has drank the Kool-Aid.

    Is anyone doing the research or do press releases satisfy your hunger to support someone who voted for Mike Madigan to be Speaker. Oh and incase you don’t know how to research, Mike Smiddy voted for the bill that gave him the extra money.

    Oh and he loves education right? Thats why he voted to fund education at 89% instead of 100%.

    As for Mike Jacobs, someone get him another drink before he tries to punch someone.

    “I’m Cam Brady and I approve this message”

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