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From the fringes, it appears that the #1 issue in the battle for the 17th CD in Illinois is who cares the most about veterans. This letter to the editor of QCOnline is typical with the pro-Bustos headline of “Kudos Bustos for pushing congress to stay on the job”. Bustos, who is not a member of any House veteran’s committee is demanding others stay on the job until they fix the VA. Last I heard, there was a bipartisan bill in the works, but who knows. Schilling has also attempted to claim credit for fixing the VA when he was in congress.

Whatever, politics happen.

But my question is, even though we all agree the VA hospital system needs to be fixed, how has this become the premiere issue in the 17th CD? Are there more vets than average in the NEW! IMPROVED! 17th? Aside from the obvious, why would vet issues be THE issue in the 17th which has more than its share of problems?

Help an expat out!


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

5 thoughts on “Help An Illinois Expat Out”

  1. Congress has 11% approval rating, but when you put a face on the congressman, they usually get reelected.

    So Obama and his leftist brigade like to brag that Obama’s 36% approval is “still better than Congress” (so are Genghis Khan, cockroaches and colonoscopies). But Obama obviously polls much worse than any particular congressman by name, in his district, as they average a 50% to 70% approval rating at the voting booth.

    That’s because our baby kissing legislator flies back home and whines about those bad people in DC that don’t care like he does (insert Congressman’s phony political smile here).

    Let’s see how government union stooges feel about Krauthammer’s plan to privatize the VA system, to judge their actual concern for vets over illegal aliens.

  2. Because this is America!

    We bleed red white and blue.

    If you can’t give Veterans free healthcare for life than what kind of American are you.

    These boys and girls put themselves in hats way on a regular basis and if they need a new hip, knee, kidney they should be able to get one.

    If you love America you would agree that Bustos is getting it done.

    Why should Congress rest while there are backlogs of up to a year for the best Americans.

    Congressperson bustos will take up where Rep Schilling failed to get his plan passed by a majority of his then Republican colleagues.

  3. Everybody bashes the politicians in Illinois and rightfully so. Thank you Editor for this forum. So, if you are not going to leave Illinois, step up to the plate! Make your candidates better, hold their feet to the fire just as the WOZ’s are after knocking on 10,000 doors and talking about a pension solution rather than it just being a “mess” or “disaster” like some chairman and their puppets are. The Democrats need to quit bowing to their candidates like they are Chairman Mao and ask them real questions. Republicans get off of you behinds and get your candidates to talk about solutions not just “I am better then my opponent”. Really? GOP ubermen?
    Where is the “new and improved-I am better then Senator Mike” guy? Come on Broom, get your groove on!

  4. WOZ is moving in very mysterious ways. I did read that WOZis now the top challenger in the entire General Assembly, and will be funded with whatever he needs. This could cau$e Rep Smiddy problems as thus he has refused to accept money from Madigoon. So the question becomes, can AFSCME and the other public employee unions come up with enough campaign cash to keep Mike on the television and the inter-goggles?

    Thankfully Independent Rep Smiddy is like Lane Evans while WOZ is kinda awkward and may have a hard time connecting with the 10,000 voters he has spoken with so far.

  5. Galesburg’s Register-Mail has a very good, fair and balanced article about how Schilling intends to use veteran issues to win.

    Schilling explains The Flawless ™:

    “We’re going to contrast the difference between the two terms [of Schilling and Bustos]…A prime example is we didn’t wait five months before an election to hold veterans’ forums. We did it from the get-go.”

    The article never explains what percentage of the 17th CD electorate are veterans, but whatever—Schilling appears to think this a winning issue.

    According to the article, Bustos isn’t really engaging in this firefight mano a mano and sneers that “veterans shouldn’t be a pawn in an electoral chess match.” The horror!!!! Schilling playing politicis with Our Heroes!

    Schilling will have to crank up the Outrage-O-Meter to 11 because along with Sabato, Cook Reports shows this race as Leans Dem.

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