En Fuego

To look at recent QCOnline articles, it would appear the entire Rock Island County is on fire, and rightly so:

An employee with the East Moline Correctional Center formally resigned Thursday, six months after she was placed on leave for allegedly using a work computer to hack into an ex-boyfriend’s e-mail account.

It’s obvious EMCC doesn’t require IQ tests as a condition for employment. She’s probably related to someone important. Like Louis Hare.


Early Retirements Could Save Rock Island County $4 Million

Of course, not everyone is happy about taxpayers saving $$$$, sometimes your constituents aren’t the taxpayers, they’re the bureaucrats:

“But budget committee chairman Don Jacobs, D-Graft, said it’s likely department heads will want any retiring staff replace…’They’re not going to be happy, there’s no doubt about it’, he said.”

If bureaucrats ain’t happy, NOBODY’s happy! Don Jacobs is another poster child for term limits—he’s completely forgotten who he is supposed to serve.


Rock Island County’s Human Resources Director Jill Rich abruptly resigned last week, as the turmoil inside the county office building shows no sign of abating.

Chaos in RICO—Democrat Civil War!!!


Also an article about RICO SA McGehee reviewing state police investigations of Rock Island County Offices with more juicy details to come this week.


Except for one, Eric Timmons wrote and reported all these stories. I’ve had my problems with him in the past (i.e. creating controversy at the RICO GOP LLD, doing the dumb “GOP Fighting” thing when Tom Cross was in the QCs etc.) but when it comes to covering the corruption and soap opera that is RICO government, he is a mother bear—en fuego!

Being en fuego is a good thing for Timmons, for RICO government—not so much.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

One thought on “En Fuego”

  1. Per Eric Timmons via the twitters:

    “Rock Island Co. State’s Atty John McGehee is asking the Illinois AG’s office to investigate alleged wrongdoing by county officials.”

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