Sue The B*stards!

GOP candidate for treasurer, Rep. Tom Cross was in the QCs yesterday
and in an interview with the QCOnline editorial board, he made this interesting comment:

“Rep. Cross said that, if elected, he would not hesitate to sue the General Assembly if lawmakers fail to pass a balanced budget. The state constitution requires such a budget…’I will go to court to enforce that constitutional requirement’.”

I can’t imagine why this hasn’t been done previously except for the fact that taxpayers don’t have the clout special interests do and that the treasurer’s office has been occupied by Establishment Party politicians who like things just the way they are and are happy to bamboozle the rubes with smoke, mirrors and accounting gimmicks, then claim the budget is “balanced”.

Of course, this hasn’t been the focus of the lockstepping lemming press that wants to promote division by emphasizing Cross’s comment that he doesn’t support the service tax that Rauner is promoting, but still, he supports “everything else.”

Civil War! Chaos in the GOP! ZZZZZzzzzzzz

The hole is too deep in Illinois to dig out of only by increased taxes, but what nobody is talking about now is the deep cuts that will have to be made. Some of the cuts are pork projects like those contained in the 2015 budget and flat out fraud, like the $12.3 million in Medicaid for dead people.

I assume all this will be thrashed out if Rauner is elected—both the taxes and the cuts; if not, it will be 4 more years of higher taxes and unsustainable spending.

And a deeper hole.



Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

3 thoughts on “Sue The B*stards!”

  1. Duh!

    Because the Democrats will just raise the tax to 67% or 134% just to meet the budget and then say that the Republicans made it happen.

    That is why this is just campaign rhetoric.

    The constitution doesn’t specify how you get a balanced budget

    Be careful what you wish for.

  2. To hear Republican House Leader Tom Cross openly criticizing Billionaire Bruce Rauner V’s “wacky tax scheme” is precious . Economist from both parties agree that” Ranuner’s job crushing service tax” will cripple Illinois’ fast recovering economy.

  3. Thanks for bringing the simpleton’s world view to Illinois’ massive fiscal disaster.

    Even if Rauner is elected, he is not like the Lord Majesty Barack Obama who behaves as a law unto himself. If Rauner is elelcted he will have to work with a Democrat controlled legislature which has not shown any interest in fixing the problems of the state and instead is all about holding onto power, citizens be damned.

    I just thank the gods every day I no longer have to fund this Springfield wackiness.

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