The Wozinator

The Woz has come out strong against lame duck tax increases and other post-election shenanigans by enthusiastically backing a bill by House Minority Leader Jim Durkin that would require General Assembly business to end by Election Day and only allow special sessions under certain strict circumstances. It would also move up Inauguration Day to the second Wednesday in December, all in hopes of bringing more accountability to government.

Don’t know if Neil Anderson backs this bill or not. From what I can tell, his campaign seems to center around the fact that people should vote for him because he isn’t a Democrat.

Or something.

In further Woz news, SJR reports:

“National Republican legislative groups say eliminating Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan’s Democratic super majority is among the top goals in the 2014 election, and are pledging financial assistance and other help to local party members…there are up to 7 House seats that the Republicans hope to pick up…including seats currently held by state Democrat Reps….Mike Smiddy of Hillsdale.”

The thinking here is that if Rauner wins, it will be easier to move legislation through the General Assembly if Madigan’s super majority is smashed—and power to ’em!

But there is no flight from reality among ILGOP leadership, as Jim Durkin points out:

“It’s going to be difficult…We’ve got to get out there and work for it.”


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

13 thoughts on “The Wozinator”

  1. Nobody even knows Jim Wozniak. When I went door to door for local repubs everybody said “who is that guy”?

  2. Maybe so, but that will change because the national GOP legislative groups certainly know who he is.

    Your comment reminds of the clueless statement Don Jacobs made after Schilling beat Hare like a rented mule; Jacobs said “Schilling came out of nowhere”, when in fact he had been working the district for the better part of two years.

    Like Jacobs, maybe you need to get out more Fleabagger. 😀

  3. Independent Rep Mike Smiddy is no Phil Hare. I don’t care how much money National Republicans throw at Mike Smiddy they are not going to beat him. Independent Rep Smiddy is a remarkable public servant and is the “most Lane” like of all Illinois politicans.

    Rep Smiddy has worked the district for a better part of four years. WOZ is an unkown and doesn’t have the mental acuity, political pedigree or the required support from AFSCME to defeat Rep Smiddy. Think about it —Mike was Congressman Evans personal assistant and learned the “art of politics” at Lane’s knee!

    Like Lane, Rep Smiddy bravely made the decision to not take money or political help from Speaker Mike Madigan. Mike is also giving away $3,000 in salary to charity and is the most INDEPENDENT public servant in the entire Illinois House of Representatives.

    Good Luck WOZ — you are about to be SMIDDYZED!

  4. Get real Randy, Lane Evans was no more an “independent” than Barack Obama. As I documented here Lane Evans was a well known member of the USA Democratic Socialist of America Party. Smiddy is on record as saying when he had “tough votes” he always thought “what would Lane do”. Well, Lane would vote with the most leftwing of his party.

    You can’t have it both ways Randy.

    Calling Smiddy The New Lane Evans might get the geezers in your party to rally from their wheelchairs to the polls, or maybe open their wallets, but others will remember who—and WHAT Evans really was.

    Pick a lane Randy (literally!); either Smiddy is an “independent” or Lane’s acolyte in the Church of The Holy Socialism.

  5. If voters “remember who and what Evans really was” that will result in victory for Mike Smiddy. A review of Illinois election data shows INDEPENDENT voters preferred SOCIALIST CONGRESSMAN Lane Evans to any of his RIGHT-WING REPUBLICAN challengers!

    Rep Smiddy may be to your LEFT, but he carries the same values Lane Evans used to attract INDEPENDENT votes for twenty years!

    Thank Heavens for Mike Smiddy!

  6. Mike Smiddy will have some issues. Like paying himself a salary from a campaign account or proposing a bill that would force the state to only purchase US made GM cars (which even his colleagues pointed aren’t actually all made in the US).

    The Woz is swimming uphill by running against a native. But maybe the current won’t be so strong in an off year.

    WOZNIAK 2014!

  7. The Woz it seems is for real, he knocked on my door twice, a worker-bee GOP, sheesh! He is a working Republican who does need a wardrobe adjustment just like his RICO brother from a past life Rich “I lost to my cow’s kick” Morthland. Look out brother Dem Rep. Smuddy.

  8. Mr. Bag as in Flea, please engage in the RICO GOP if you want to make a difference. Both sides have way too many experts sitting on the sidelines complaining and not engaging, which some of the candidates like as then their own kind don’t hold them accountable, but just hero worship. The WOZ is working it! Cross is no fireball but the Democrat Senator that is the alternative is a check-bouncing tax and spend Democrat drone.Get off of your dog and help support your own like Schilling who needs it. I think Hope Creek and the other endless Long and Bloom or Bloom and Long issues are so buggy, please quit. Oh, where is the guy that was going to trounce Pappa Smurf Pat Verschoore? Is he running for what? Help him!

  9. I’m heavily engaged in the RICO GOP. My problem is that even though I’m retired, I still give a ton of time to the cause.

    Then I go to events like the Tom Cross event and see our County Chairman Bill Broom sitting around eating nachos and drinking beer.

    He’s a elected official and he should act like it.

  10. That really hits home Fleabagger, because food is NEVER involved in GOP events—never any taco bars, pizza parties or events at Lavender Crest.

    No siree—it’s all work and no nom nom for the RICO GOP.

    I mean, how DARE anyone eat food at a GOP event featuring—food?

    The HORROR!!!!!

    No elected official should EVER eat food in public because it just ain’t right and it will upset The Fleabagger. 😀

  11. Flea-Bag and QC Republican you better get your grocery bags, GOP food stuffs and run your ground game door-to-door hello!?! I see the WOZ as you guys call him, walking door to door. Now, Cheri’s guys, gals and those in- betweens are knocking on mine. Where are your’s? Where are the “new and improved” Andersonville’s? Wake up good Republicans. Maybe not, hee, hee. I think my wife and union guys are right vote for the WOZ and the Schilling re-visited. I asked Cheri’s walkers where he was from, he said “Peoria-Chicago”, really? Hits home, no?

  12. My point is that as an elected official you are supposed to be working the room, making contacts, getting people to volunteer, getting those boots on the ground. Carpentier in her last two years did a great job at this, Steffen did a great job (filling PC’s as proof), but yet Broom just continues to eat Nachos and drink PBR.

    But I hear he cooks a mean hot dog! I just hope we get it together before House and the RICO Dems give us another schellacking!

  13. That’s it?

    Carpentier was so awesome in ’08 that she allowed Phil Hare to go unchallenged.

    But hey, at least she didn’t eat any nachos or drink BPR.

    Priorities, people!


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