Quick! Look Over There! Weather!!!

Yesterday was Theme Day at QCOnline, either that or they got the Obama memo about promoting “climate change”.

It seems “climate change” and “extreme” weather was going on way back in the 19th century, because on July 20, 1864, this was the news of the day:

“The mercury on Friday indicated 95 degrees above 0, and on Sunday morning 56 degrees above 0 a change of 40 degrees.”

Notice the lack of panic and calls for congress to “do something” like tax and regulate cow and horse farts.

But moving on to the 21st century, it is a whole ‘nother thing.

According to QCOnline, on Saturday state energy chair Sen. Mike “Fists O’ Fury” Jacobs congregated at the QC Bandits ballpark along with the Bandits owner, the spox from Exelon, Rep. Pat “The Weasel” Verschoore and a few “concerned” citizens—but not obvious climate denier Mike Smiddy—to demand “Let’s just get Congress talking about the issue.” Because, according to Jacobs “a study is needed to determine ‘what’s causing the weirdness in our weather.'” “Weirdness” being a scientific term he picked up from his daddy who lobbys for Exelon.

How lame. Really. Back in ’08 when Democrats controlled both the White House and all of Congress, Nancy Pelosi and her Democrat locksteppers pushed through the famous “Cap and Tax” bill that would have saved us from climate destruction. Unfortunately for them (including the doomed Hare), the Senate, also with a filibuster proof majority, declined to take up the bill, deciding it was more important to get re-elected than to save the planet.

Because as they soon realized, as long as India and China were spewing bad stuff in the air, their doomed bill would not change a damned thing as far as global warming was concerned. Although it would give them an opportunity for more smug self-righteous prancing and preening. Which evidently wasn’t enough.

At least Dan Lee seems to have some grasp on reality which evades Jacobs, his lobbyist daddy, his daddy’s Exelon client, Pat Verschoore and the Bandits guy:

“The bottom line in all this is that the political processes are not going to solve global warming. That’s why it must begin with us in the lifestyle decisions that we make.”

Which brings me to the “lifestyle decisions” that global warming alarmists like Obama and Al Gore make—which is they behave like there is NO problem.

Until people like Gore and Obama decide to behave in a way that indicates they take “climate change” seriously, I see absolute no reason for the rest of us to sacrifice—anything.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

12 thoughts on “Quick! Look Over There! Weather!!!”

  1. They get caught red-handed lying and manipulating data, firing any that dare speak out against the scam, taking big bucks to push their agenda … yet they still have the cajones to come out and claim “global warming is the biggest threat to our country and the world”, as Kerry recently claimed.

    Those crazy skeptics just had their conference … all videos are online. They should be required viewing for any weatherman or high school science teacher that has reflexively accepted and spread the hysteria.


  2. It’s a beautiful, sunshiny day today. Who’s to blame? We know who is to blame when there’s a hurricane, tornado or earthquake; it’s you selfish SUV drivers. But who is responsible for today? How can there possibly be a ‘nice’ day when the world’s weather is in the crapper (and we’re all gonna die)? The sun is totally responsible for our climate (and God has a veto), so you egotistical liberals who think that YOU have any control are just plain stupid. This is more than simply another moneymaking lie from the left, it’s also part of the continuing effort to diminish or spiritual beliefs.

  3. An unfunded engineer, in search of the truth, discovered that CO2 change, and therefore human activity, does not cause global warming. But this leaves the question of what actually does drive average global temperature change.

    Two primary drivers of average global temperature have been identified. A simple equation, using only these two, very accurately explains the reported up and down measurements since before 1900. The coefficient of determination, R2>0.9 (correlation coefficient = 0.95). The equation provides credible estimates back to the low temperatures of the Little Ice Age (1610).

    R2 = 0.9049 considering only sunspots and ocean cycles.
    R2 = 0.9061 considering sunspots, ocean cycles and CO2 change.
    The tiny difference in R2, whether considering CO2 or not, demonstrates that CO2 change has no significant effect on climate.

    The coefficients of determination are a measure of how accurately the calculated average global temperatures compare with measured. R2 > 0.9 is very accurate.

    The calculations use data since before 1900 which are official, accepted as valid and are publicly available.

    Solar cycle duration or magnitude considered separately fail to correlate but their combination, expressed as the time-integral of solar cycle anomalies, gives excellent correlation. A solar cycle anomaly is the difference between the sunspot number for a year and an average sunspot number for many years.

    Everything not explicitly considered (such as the 0.09 K s.d. random uncertainty in reported annual measured temperature anomalies, aerosols, CO2, other non-condensing ghg, volcanoes, ice change, etc.) must find room in the unexplained 9.51%.

    The method, equation, data sources, history (hind cast to 1610) and predictions (to 2037) are provided at http://agwunveiled.blogspot.com and references.

  4. Thanks for that Dan.

    Off the cuff, one problem is the small temperature rise has been based on manipulated numbers, they have recently found. So that one degree over 100 years, that was later figured to be maybe half that, is now questioned as maybe nothing at all. The 1930’s was the hottest period, and the 1990’s were only made hotter by changing/massaging the data.

    Most obvious is that cities grew and concrete makes for a heat sink. We all know temps are warmer at night in town.

    The sun spot thing makes a lot of sense, but this last conference, from what little I watched, seems to be shifting emphasis toward oceans and clouds that are not fully understood, and maybe largely random.

    But in any case … CO2 is almost certainly GOOD for us in many ways, and possibly correlated but NOT causative. As in, steam is correlated with boiling water, but in no stove I’ve seen has the steam CAUSED the water to boil.

    Anyway, the big problem with using “accepted” stats to measure “coefficients of determination” to such precision, is the data is not nearly so precise, and has been adjusted at every turn. The scientists accepting it too often have an agenda … or a job to keep.

  5. The good news…Illinois Senator Mike Jacobs and Rep Pat Verschoore earned tons of positive press on this important environmental issue. Only an out-of-touch Republicans like Midwest Hippo and QCE think “standing up for the planet” is a bad idea.

    Reportedly, Sen. Jacobs and Rep Verschoore will hold another press conference in the near future highlighting the need to keep the Internet free from taxation.

  6. You’re a funny guy Randy, or maybe just a goofball.

    Earning “tons of positive press” based on a lie of “standing up for the planet” is only a good thing if you believe destroying our country based on a fraud is somehow “good”.

    What happens in reality (let me invite you there), is the free world economy is destroyed in deference to a bull sheet religion, whose church of PC BS has not been separated from the statist fascists, that giggle about the inanity of the fraud Americans have fallen for.

  7. Mid – Dig into my stuff a little deeper. I calculated the sensitivity of average global temperature (agt) to change in low altitude clouds at http://lowaltitudeclouds.blogspot.com/ and found it to be extremely sensitive. There has been a lot of work by others showing that sunspots influence low altitude clouds (sunspots cause solar magnetic shielding of cosmic rays, influencing low altitude cloud nucleation). I think that is the mechanism that explains the excellent correlation between agt and the sunspot number anomaly time-integral that I got. I also show how the ocean oscillations fit in.

    I am aware of the number manipulation monkey business. It would probably change the coefficients in my equation a bit but the end result would not change. I average (sort of) data from NOAA, GISS and Hadley as shown at http://globaltem.blogspot.com/ which should minimize the effects of fiddling with the numbers.

    R2 was calculated using measurements 1895-2012 so there are a lot of numbers to average out the ‘noise’. Even at that, I wouldn’t put a lot of faith in anything past the second digit on an absolute basis. The only way to see any difference at all from including CO2 was to carry it out further. I used the same base numbers for both, just adding the influence of CO2, so the tiny difference in R2 is legit.

    Amen to the rest of your comments.

  8. I read this story and I didn’t see Jacobs Daddy at this event. I did notice that Independent Rep Smiddy was not at this event.

    Rep Smiddy does not follow the rules and is an independent thinker.

    It doesn’t matter if the Republicans are getting out of the Anderson race and putting all of their money behind The Woz because Rep Smiddy answers to no one but his constituents.

    Rep Smiddy doesn’t answer to the evil Mike Madigan, Democratic Party Boss Doug House or even the global warming crowd.

    Rep Smiddy is a true Independent that Democrats and Republicans alike can put their faith in.

  9. Ellen, of course Smiddy wasn’t at this silly event, and it’s not because he’s “independent”—it’s The Woz Effect!

    But claiming he is “independent” when the vast majority of his campaign $$$$ comes from Big Labor is avoiding political reality.

  10. The only reason Rep Smiddy accepts contributions from unions is because the money comes from front-line workers, and that my friend, is what makes Mike more independent than The WOZ. In contrast all The WOZ’s campaign cash comes from Bruce Rauner and other right-wing special interest groups.

    Durbin, Bustos, Jacobs may run things in the QCs, but Independent Rep Smiddy marches to his own drummer!

  11. Randy Hauser keep singing, it’s only you that thinks the WOZ is a “right-winger”. The WOZ is pretty middle and level-headed like Schilling, that is why you, the left and the hapless rest attack them. Go WOZ, go Bobby and wake up GOP! Wake up Dems and hold your team accountable! What is Neil Anderson’s slogan? crickets, crickets, zzzzzzzz. I will give you this, Smiddy is the bright light in an otherwise dull and dumb Dem Chicago-linked dark bar room.

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