Photo-Op Bobby

From Bobby Schilling’s Facebook:

“Earlier this week I was able to meet with local doctors and discuss a wide variety of issues including solutions to make healthcare reform work better for both doctors and patients.”

Oh, come on Bobby, stop being such a tease! WHAT solutions were discussed? If the doctors didn’t want to be identified with their solutions you could have omitted their numerous photos.

What harm would it do to relay what they had suggested? Wouldn’t that open up their reform ideas for debate and discussion?

Why, yes it would

But as Schilling played it, this became just another mindless photo-op—like what he constantly criticizes Cheri Bustos about.

Schilling had a chance to expand the information available to the voters of the 17th CD, but instead decided to take the low road and the safe photo-op route.

Pathetic. Like Bustos, Schilling never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity to educate the electorate.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

11 thoughts on “Photo-Op Bobby”

  1. You didn’t read the press release he sent out about possibly allowing doctors to write off free care they could give to patients?

    Once again not doing your research. Man this blog is amateurish

  2. Bobby is for hope and change, and wants to just leave it at that, since being vague worked well for Obama. But Bobby isn’t a well spoken black man, with full media support, and union money.

    But he looks good with a cross on his head. They often gave Obama a halo, so maybe Bobby should always put the cross on his head … like the Pope. 🙂 it’s the most recent photo he put up on Facebook

  3. Didn’t see any press release on his website. Was this “press release” only for those special people who sign up for it so Schilling can hit them up for $$$$?

    Would it hurt Schilling to be a little more sharing with his information? As I’ve said repeatedly, if it ain’t on the internet it ain’t happenin’ as far as I’m concerned.

    Will you send me a copy of this alleged “press release” or do I have to make a “donation” first? 😀

    Would it kill you to send me stuff like this or do you derive pleasure from making juvenile little snarky put-downs so you can feel good about yourself?

  4. When your down by 13 points politicians like Bobby Schilling will say and do anything. Poor Bobby seems to have lost his “cult” following.

  5. After running for office for six plus years, policy becomes an afterthought…rationally so, no one but us gives a shit about the finer points of healthcare policy.


  6. That’s a good point Augie, and something I didn’t consider; just because I was interested in what the QC docs had to say about reform doesn’t mean it is burning in the minds of most 17th CD residents. 😀

    Also, as you say after 6+ years banging around the 17th, there are few who don’t have a set opinion about Schilling—good or bad, so MOAR SOUNDBITES it is!

  7. The thing that you miss is that 97% of all Doctors work for hospitals and only 3% own their own practice.

    They don’t have much to say because they are employees.

  8. Here we go again, bringing up Schilling. I hate to say it, but all the Dems I talk to many are going back to vote for him-AGAIN. Last big Dem meeting Cheri “the Pic” when asked is he going to be a problem replied “my commercials will bury him”. Cheri-they will bury us too, to vote for him you Pelosi puppet.

  9. You might be right Ellen, but the 97% seems high to me. Either way, you are correct about docs leaving private practice for a stable paycheck from a hospital.

    My own beloved doctor of 30+ years did this very thing around the time I left for TX, and frankly I don’t blame him, or the others.

    But so what? The AMA is still a powerful force with lots of $$$$ for lobbyists, so I’m not really concerned about them. My main interest was curiosity about what improvements or “reform” they thought would be useful.

  10. I get Facebook updates from Schilling. The Eric Reyes Facebook posts get me more stirred up to vote than anything I have read from the Flawless.

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