Como Se Dice NIMBY En Espanol?

The illegal immigration issue seems to be creating a civil war of sorts, even in far away northern places like the QCs:

On the one hand, this headline recently appeared on QCOnline:

Local Groups Look For Ways To Aid Wave Of Illegal Immigrant Children

But then Illinois Review reports:

“In response to the federal government’s lack of immigration law enforcement, citizens throughout the nation are staging protests this weekend to support those who are fighting illegal immigration.”

Included in the 5 scheduled protests in Illinois is one on Saturday, July 19 at the 27th St. overpass from 10:00-2:00.

So there’s your choice—protest or aid.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

5 thoughts on “Como Se Dice NIMBY En Espanol?”

  1. Obama is using tax dollars to pay $6000/month to aid these invaders. How much more aid do they need?

    I’m pretty sure I have room for a dozen at that rate, though I’d have to brush up on my Spanish. But none of the gang members with tatooed faces … send them on to Chicago, where they have “family”.

  2. Well, yeah MR, this latest rush to the border will likely blowback on the Dems, but so what? They are here to stay, they know it, we know it and Obama and the Dems know it. The left seems to be hoping for more undocumented Democrats, which was the plan all along.

    Don’t know about Hispanics generally, but at least in TX they are more independent-minded than northern Dems assume.


    Thanks for the translation, G!

  3. There are many Hispanics that will work hard, and we would benefit from those and should make a legal path for them, which would start while they are still in Mexico. And there are plenty of legal Hispanics that will work hard and tend to be more independent.

    But I guess the illegals, especially those from other than Mexico, are not the masses we want coming over. But Texas might make them more American, while Chicago would put them in the gangs. But I’d hire a dozen former field workers over a dozen Trayvons any day. 🙂

  4. Here’s an account of the Moline protest at Illinois Review. Doesn’t look like many people were there, but most were upset because the Davenport mayor was promoting these illegals come to the area when high unemployment in the region already makes it difficult for legal people to find jobs.

    This is why I say those who rant against “income inequality” yet promote open borders are either dumb or dishonest.

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