Money Isn’t Everything


“Mr. Schilling raised about $236,000 in the second quarter and had $500,000 in cash at the end of June compared to the $1.4 million available to Rep. Bustos, according to campaign finance reports filed with the Federal Election Commission.”

For the 2014 election cycle, Bustos $1.9 million vs. Schilling $654,000.

What’s even more pathetic is the grassroots have abandoned Schilling. Bustos got $296,000 from individuals for the quarter vs. $119,000 for Schilling.

Maybe a better title for this post would have been “Try To Act Surprised” since Schilling has lagged in fundraising from the beginning.

Earlier in the year Schilling said his goal was to raise $2 million—that doesn’t look like it will happen. While it is true that money isn’t everything in politics, especially for a known candidate like Schilling, it appears The Flawless ™ needs a Plan B to counter the lack of $$$$ needed to reach the $2 million goal.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

6 thoughts on “Money Isn’t Everything”

  1. Although it look like Rep Schilling has nothing going he is running a different kind of campaign this cycle.

    Republican Party Boss Bill Bloom and his second in command Bill Albracht are running a different kind of campaign this go around.

    Last election it was a long drawn out affair with Republicans in charge and flush with cash.

    This go around money is clearly with Bustos and the Idea of the Republican brain trust is to run a sneek attack.

    Late rally and late charge.

    The Dems are ready and are holding steady and waiting till they see they see the whites of their eyes to unleash the fury.

    Wait and see.

    Democrat Party Boss Doug House has seen these sneak elections before and he is readying the troops.

  2. This is really weak once again. If you actually did your homework and looked at Bustos’ FEC report, you would see that only 18% of her $296,000 individual donations come from inside the district.

    This happens when you are a sitting member. You can have fundraisers in New York and California and get $2,600 individual max outs no problem.

    So do your homework and go to Check out how many NY lawyers are writing Bustos $2,600 checks.

    THEN you will see that Schilling’s grassroots donations are much stronger.

    –Mr. Flea Bag.

    P.S. Its getting really tiring fact/truth checking your ramblings

  3. The grassroots have not abandon Schilling. He has out raised his opponent in the individual donation inside of the 17th district department.

    So what?

  4. Are you serious? Unless $$$ from NY lawyers doesn’t count, so what if the grassroots have not abandoned Schilling? They’re obviously not opening their wallets wide enough.

    Will this self-righteous moral superiority that “the grassroots have not abandon (sic) Schilling” close the gap of Bustos $1.9 million vs. Schilling $654K?

    I think not and the coming quarter is the big spending quarter.

    Gimme a freakin’ break.

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