Which Of These Is Not Like The Others?

QCOnline headlines:

Workers Cautious Of Minimum Wage Increase


Business Owners Oppose Minimum Wage Hike

Yes, this concerns the Illinois non-binding minimum wage hike from $8.25 to $10 for those 18 and over that will appear on November’s ballot.

So the workers—the beneficiaries, are mixed on the hike and business owners are adamantly opposed to it, so you would think this would be a dead letter and a non-issue.

But no. Because the people who really matter in Democrat politics want this:

“Raising the minimum wage is needed to help move workers out of poverty, said Dino Leone, president of The Quad-City Federation of Labor.”


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

16 thoughts on “Which Of These Is Not Like The Others?”

  1. Raising the minimum will certainly not produce more minimum wage workers. There will be fewer, as employers find ways to do more for less, while firing one or two. If employers can’t find innovate and go out of business, there will be MANY fewer minimum wages workers, AND fewer other workers.

    All studies for decades show forced high pay is a bad idea, but a good talking point for the idiots. So of course the Democrats take the destructive but “popular to idiots” choice.

  2. Midwest Hippo,

    According to a new report by the e Center for Economic and Policy Research there’s been more employment growth in states that raised their minimum wages at the beginning of 2014 than in states that didn’t:

    * Of the 13 states that increased their minimum wage in early 2014, all but one (New Jersey) are seeing employment gains. Furthermore, nine of the remaining 12 states are above the median for this period. The average change in employment for the 13 states that increased their minimum wage is +0.99% while the remaining states have an average employment change of +0.68%.

    Do you think still think American voters that support raising the minimum wage are IDIOTS ?

  3. According to Wikipedia The Center for Economic and Policy Research is a “progressive” think tank so you can take any findings from them with a giant block of salt.

    QCOnline went to WIU-Macomb associate economics professor Bill Polley for comment, after having said there is a mountain of date on raising the minimum wage, Polly “said increasing the minimum wage could increase unemployment.” In the other link he said it would have a “slight negative effect”, which is why economics isn’t considered an exact science—-one economists can’t make up his mind in the same interview. 😀

    Also buried in the first link is a quote from another QC loser, Stefan Dipple:

    “I’m 26 years old…I can’t pay back student loans because I’m working for $7.75, $8 an hour…”

    Sad, but an increase in the minimum wage ain’t gonna help people like Dipple who are thousands in the hole—unless they increase it to $50 an hour. 😀

    Instead of racking up massive debt by going to college and ultimately working for $7.75 an hour, he should have applied for one of those good paying union jobs at $22+ per hour. According to the link, the union will pay for your school training at Black Hawk.

    If you’re gonna work in a closed shop Big Labor Blue Model state, you might as well take advantage of the few benefits it affords.

  4. right QC … your guy has the economists view, which says it either hurts a lot or a little.

    That study sited does not show cause and effect, even if it is accurate. States that are doing well may be more likely to raise their minimum wage. And the difference was only 0.31%, hardly significant.

    Other possible factors … blue states raised their wage, blue states got a ton more pork when Obama was distributing that free money. And the progressive group probably cherry picked the dates to find some that fit their desired result.

    Here, I found it on think progress of course. The raises in some were just cost of living auto increase. In other words, not a raise in real money terms.

    ” either thanks to automatic increases in line with inflation or new legislation”

    They even state in their report “it adds to the evidence that higher minimum wages may not hurt job growth as much as some have warned.

    ha … so they agree with QCE’s guy … it will hurt a little or a lot.

  5. The RICO GOP is going to help crush the Democrat and Union presence in RICO in 2014.

    The wave will be twice the size of 2010. We will have Lazenby as County Clerk, Woz as State Rep, and Broom will be heralded by all. This will cause rumors of Broom for Congress in 2016. However the party will band together and learn from the Democrat way. Nobody runs until its “their turn”.

  6. Rep Smiddy is an unapologetic Liberal. Smiddy supports public unions, abortion on demand and raising the minimum wage to $13 an hour. Of all the local Democrats Rep Smiddy is most Lane Evan’s like! Democrats are going to rally around this young progressive, push him over the finish-line and reap the rewards of victory.

  7. Gee Randy, you’ve only been out of Spam Hell for a few days and already you’re boring me. Please try to step up your game beyond mindless cheerleading Rah! Rah! Sis! Boom! Bah! Goooooooooo Smiddy/verschoore/Jacobs/Quinn/Obama, etc.

  8. Rep. Mike Smiddy (D-Hillsdale) supports raising the minimum wage to $10.95 an hour and talked a bit about the impact on small business.

    Raising wages for those at the bottom of the income scale would lift many families out of poverty and generate additional demand in the local economy to help business, Smiddy said.

    Rep. Mike Smiddy, D-Hillsdale, said there’s little prospect that Congress will back President Obama’s call for a higher minimum wage. “As a rersult, Illinois should lead the way by raising the wage floor for low-income workers” Smiddy said.

    Rep. Smiddy added, and he called for raising the rate to a “livable” level.

  9. Flea-bag, Bloom or Broom-whatever his actual spelling is for Congress 2016? My goodness have the RICO GOP fallen that far? I hate to say it but my union co-workers are all voting for the flawless one-Schilling, Bustos is too attitude for them and she does zip for them. The only other GOP with a chance is the young law creature Woz!! Let’s see, Jacobs the silver fox will probably beat the New and Improved buzz cut in pants-Neil Anderson.

  10. No Randy, Smiddy supports raising the minimum wage because his Big Labor paymasters want it and told him to march lockstep—or else!


    This Bloom for congress idiocy makes me all nostalgic for ’10 when the Democrat shills and sock puppets were shrieking about Hare For POTUS!!11111!!.

    Stupidity is bipartisan!

  11. Rep Smiddy is the only Independent public servant in the Illinois Legislature. Mike doesn’t take orders from Speaker Michael Madigan. No, Mike stands up for us.

    Rep Smiddy told Madigan to get lost and vote against the Democrats time again.

    Although Rep Smiddy vs WOZ will be the hot race in the area, Mike will win because he knows how to out Republican the Republicans. Smiddy is pro-gun, pro-life, pro-term limits, anti-Madigan and like Bruce Rauner support a fair map.

    WOZ may be a Republican, but he is not an Independent like Rep Smiddy!

  12. I think the Woz-Smiddy race will be a very interesting one in spite of the RICO GOP and RICO DEM idiot twin sister operations. The one race that won’t be interesting for the public will be the Jacobs-_____race. Whom is running against Jacobs? I think the Schillster can reserve his tickets for Washington. Good morning Alex Fulton, where ever, whomever, you are you are.

  13. Not sure what you mean by “idiot twin sister operations” QCR, but I do agree about Woz-Smiddy being “interesting”.

    As for Anderson, I’m not sure what to think. Being out here on the fringe of civilization, I don’t see the yard signs, see/hear the tv/radio ads, etc. so it is hard for me to judge. For me, if it ain’t on the internet, it ain’t happen’, which is why I find his press releases so baffling. Attack Illinois “dynasties” but don’t mention Jacobs? Attack Quinn and Madigan instead? Makes no sense to me, but whatever.

    Don’t know about Schiling-Bustos either, but a lot of stuff don’t look good for the Shillster; bad fundraising and at least one claim that 17th has moved to “likely” Dem. Bustos seems to be doing the right things, I see her around the internet all the time doing her inane routine but I rarely see anything on social media from Team Shillsters. Maybe they know what they are doing—time will tell.

    Surprised about Fulton, too. Why didn’t he get the list of 72nd Dist GOPers and go to them for signatures? I can’t believe he couldn’t obtain the 500 signatures from the committed district GOPers. Maybe it’s illegal, I don’t know. But this just seemed like a slam-dunk to me, although I may be missing something—it wouldn’t be the first time! 😀

  14. QCE makes a strong point, the local Republicans look to be dropping off the map. The only person that could save local career Republican politician Judy Baer Topinka, but she stepped in deep “do-do” today when she was caught on an open mic asking Governor Quinn to give her son a special job at SIU.

    Taxpayers have paid JBT more than $2.1 million in the last 21 years, and JBT has secured $ 3.6 million in future pension benefits, so why shouldn’t her son suckle on the taxpayer tit?

    I hope Quinn holds firm and doesn’t hire JBT or Rauner’s kid! This corruption has to stop.

  15. Get real Randy. JBT is no more a Republican than Barack Obama. Judy is a long time member of the Illinois Establishment Party along with Quinn, both Madigans, Mike Jacobs, Rutherford, Rich Miller and Pat Verschoore, among others.

    As long as the Establishment Party rules, nothing will change in Illinois—except taxpayers will get poorer—or flee like rats from a sinking ship.

    Like me.

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