The Woz Effect

QCOnline reports that Illinois legislators will be getting a taxpayer funded $3000 windfall over the next 12 months. 71st Rep. Mike Smiddy says he will be giving the $$$$ to charity because:

“I believe that since Illinois is facing tough economic times, it’s not fair that legislators should get this extra money.”

Of course, Old School Sen. Mike “Fists O’ Fury” Jacobs isn’t having any of that, saying he would “probably” donate money from his first higher pay check. Notice the weasel words here “probably” donate money—how much? $1.00? $10.00? $100.00? And only from his “first” higher pay check—subsequent higher pay—who knows?

Being Old School, Jacobs lashes out in typical bitter and cynical fashion:

“Let’s see if we ever get it first”.

Then disses fellow Democrat Smiddy with this no-class put-down:

“A lot of people say they’re going to give money to charity, but how do you know they ever do?”

Wowser! Good to see Mike is back in his Insert Silver Foot In Mouth Mode—-blogging gold!

On top of all this inanity, Mike goes into Professional Victim Mode:

“I didn’t come to government to get rich, but I got bills to pay.”

Well, who doesn’t, but if Mike really was interested in making money, he could always get a job with his daddy’s lobbying business.

Waaaahhhhhhh! Poor Mikey, he’s got bills to pay.

What a pathetic little man.

Oh yes, and speaking of pathetic, 72nd Rep. Pat Verschoore “could not be reached for comment Wednesday.”

A while back one of my commenters suggested that Verschoore was getting senile. His continued lack of comment on issues of the day, even though he has NO competition, makes me wonder if this is true.

A month or two ago, a QCTimes editorial suggested that all the problems currently besetting RICO government stemmed from the fact that Democrat strongmen Gianulis and Winstein had passed from the scene—and earth, and since there was no one to enforce party unity, it was every man for himself with chaos, incompetence and lawsuits as the result.

Jacobs attacking Smiddy suggests this might be the new RICO Democrat reality.

Not that the RICO GOP necessarily has the ability to capitalize on it.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

19 thoughts on “The Woz Effect”

  1. You can sure tell that Jacobs is an old pro. He’s lifting Rep Smiddy out of hackville and turning him into a real live reformer. That ought to help Rep Smiddy win, as he trailed the ticket in the last race, and as you know, Jacobs won handily against that Republican war hero and Medal of Honor applicant!

    Rep Smiddy is quickly filling Mike Boland’s shoes. Remember Boland always spoke out against Madigan and pretended not to accept pay raises and always promised to donate them to charity just like rep Smiddy. Unfortunately, Rep Boland never donated any of the money as he said he would, but Rep Smiddy will give the money to his favorite charity — the RICO Democrat Party!

  2. See !
    The Woz has no chance against Rep Smiddy.

    Even you and the Dispatch/Argus are writing the most glowing stories about the great Non Partisan Rep Smiddy

  3. I think it is a little premature to count The Woz out this early in the game, although it seems Smiddy is making all the right moves—for now.

  4. As a Democrat which does not mean I am objective but, I think Smiddy needs to worry about the Woz-just because, and Lazenby is refreshing which means nothing at this point except she offers a non-criminal approach to RICO politics. On the federal side, I am tired of the non-Bustos, maybe she would be better suited as Quad City Chamber President, she never met a camera or scripted sound bite she didn’t like. All I know is Schilling seemed to work his tail off while in office and he helped my grandmother get her social security issues fixed. He called her personally. Imagine a Tea Party guy doing that!

  5. Comrade Joe a democrat, I thought so. I am a middle of the road GOP and really am bummed with the bumbling of the RICO GOP which seems to continue. They don’t have their “House” in order, except if you count calories with Long, Reyes, Bloom and the other fatter cats at the GOP Green Eggs and Ham Breakfast Club. Schilling is too right for me but he is better then Cheri (I like Quinn and IDOT Schneider) Bustos. I agree with that silly sticker bring back Bobby. Go Woz! Keep the Woz updates coming. Whats going on with the Neil Anderson Rocky II show? Anybody know?

  6. Enjoy your day of freedom Fleabagger before you and sock puppets Randy and Julie-Rene-Linda are sent back to Spam Hell for being boring, abusive—and sock puppets.

  7. Joe, as a proud member of the Pox On Both Their Houses Party, I must defend the feckless Bustos because although she may not do much except appear in photo ops, at least she is not as destructive as her Democrat compadre Phil Hare, who did serious damage not only to the 17th but to the entire country with his multiple bailouts, Obamacare, etc. I realize “I’m Not Phil Hare” might not be much of a campaign slogan for Bustos, but it’s better than “I’m Ready For My Close Up”.

    As for Schilling “working his tail off”, what I remember most about him is how he “worked his tail off” smearing and telling lies about me and my blog; about how QCE had been taken over by Reyes or Wallace or Bustos or Hitler—somebody, because I no longer marched lockstep with him.

    I suppose the case could be made to elect Schilling because congress doesn’t have nearly enough liars and deceivers, so how about this for a campaign slogan: Vote For Schilling: He Can Lie Like A Pro.

  8. QCR, don’t know what’s up with Anderson but last time I checked his facebook he had a press release attacking Madigan and Quinn. Not sure what to make of that since I thought Anderson was running for Senate against Jacobs, not for 72nd rep. again—or governor.

    If I’m mistaken and Anderson is running for governor or House, please let me know. Otherwise it looks to me that his “campaign” has run off the rails—or maybe never left the station.

  9. Ooooohhhh the threat of SPAM HELL….sooooo scary.

    When I have to watch people like Broom and Lazenby “lead RICO to the promised land”…..nothing else really phases me.

  10. It’s not a threat, it’s a promise. You’re a one trick pony and boring to boot. The Bloom election was three months ago—move on or get some help.

  11. But I’m not talking about the election when I discuss Broom. I’m talking about his vision for RICO. I wish I could stop talking about Broom, but the material he gives you is so AWESOME.

    I went to the RRBC a couple of Wednesdays ago and watch him spill scrambled eggs down his shirt. I mean you can’t make this stuff up.

  12. Bloom is not an issue Flea-bag its the baffoons around him including the over-the top “Trumper” the GOP elephant. This is the picture of the RICO GOP. The Woz is the new GOP for RICO and Lazenby perhaps too. The Buick guys would fit in well with the draft Mitt Romney II campaign of 2016. Go Woz and run Bobby like you did before!

  13. QC Republican the problem is that Broom is in cahoots with all the Buick guys. Broom, Long and the rest of the crew love having popularity contests and sitting back having a Cup O Joe. They don’t want to do the work, they just want the title.

    I’ve seen people post before that Broom was at the helm for two losing Lioen campaigns, lost a county board race, and abandoned ship on Schillings 2012 campaign before that was was over.

    This is the guy we have at the RICO GOP helm. Man overboard!!!!

  14. Well, it didn’t take long for the “Broom” bullsh*t to start up again after I let the Fleabagger out of Spam Hell.

    There was an election back in April and Bloom won, Steffen lost. What do you sore losers propose to do about it other than make juvenile snark and trash talk in comments? Impeach him? Sue him? Demand a recount? Ride him out of town on a rail, tarred and feathered? What?

    Unless you have something constructive to say about this Bloom business, no further comments will be allowed—you’re boring, and frankly looking a little unhinged. This might be a hot topic down at Schilling’s pizza joint and HQ, but I’ve had enough of it.

  15. Everything I’ve heard indicates the Schilling clan LOVES Bill Bloom. He’s done a great job as chair so far.

  16. Republican Boss Bill Bloom appears to be an unpopular political figure. I don’t understand why Republicans don’t t try to get people to like him? Schilling can love Bill Bloom a long time, but wishful thinking is not going to install Bobby back into another cushy taxpayer subsidized position. Rather than waste all his time running for a seat he cannot win, Bobby should unleash his inner “job-creator” and prop-up his crusty pizza business.

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