Smiddy’s Charge


“Rep. [Mike] Smiddy says he plans to introduce a [Fair Map] bill in the fall veto-session that would ask lawmakers to approve putting a proposed constitutional amendment on the ballot for 2016, the next statewide election after this year.”

Well good luck with that since no matter who the next governor is, the legislature will be controlled by Democrats—they drew the maps to insure it.

But more interesting to me was the reax from the QC Dems.

Sen. Mike “Fists O’ Fury” Jacobs:

“…didn’t believe creating an independent panel to oversee redistricting…would change the perception that the system is rigged…He said the reality was that Illinois simply has many more Democrats than Republicans and that has more to do with why districts favor Democrats than the way boundaries more [sic]…Sen. Jacobs also said that working on a complicated redistricting proposal was not the best use of time for lawmakers who should be focused on the economy.”

If Jacobs really believes his own twaddle, then he is truly an out of touch dimwit.

When have Illinois Democrats “focused on the economy” except to reward their special interests? Never! Their focus was on social wedge issues like gay marriage.

And the Fair Map issue isn’t about Dem vs. GOP, it’s about competition within the districts, which never happens when “safe” districts are created for both Dems and GOP. It’s about choice Mike—something I thought you Dems believed in.

Saving the best for last, here is Rep. Pat Verschoore:

“Asked if the way political maps are drawn in Illinois now is fair, Rep. Verschoore said he had no comment.”



Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

2 thoughts on “Smiddy’s Charge”

  1. Mike Smiddy is quickly becoming my favorite polotitions.

    He is for the fair map and against taking this pay increase giving his extra earnings to charity.

    Mike Smiddy is a very selfless man and works against Mike Madigan every chance he gets.

    Mike Smiddy is not bought and payed for and will get my conservative vote

  2. Thank you for that lovely drive by comment Julie Rene Linda—it is especially meaningful coming from a “conservative” like yourself. 😀


    Speaking of meaningful, this QCOnline editorial shouts hosannahs to Smiddy for his continued support for the Fair Map Act, even in the face of opposition from his own party—including Verschoore and Jacobs, who QCO describes as “hardly” supportive in their comments Monday.

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