“A Better Choice”

In a letter to the editor of QCOnline with the headline Bill Fawell A Better Choice For Congress In The 17th District, Nancy Brandt asks the people of the 17th CD to consider Bill Fawell for congress.

Fawell is running as an independent and will need to have 14,000 signatures in order to get on the ballot, and we all know how welcoming the Establishment Party is to those who want to horn in on their sacred ground.

Go to the second link for the scoop on Bill, but so far he is alone in talking about issues in the 17th CD. He says if elected,he will either sponsor or co-sponsor these four bills now pending in Congress:

HR24/SB209 which a bill authorizing the audit of the Federal Reserve

SB1663 is the Write The Laws bill that would prohibit policies being created by agencies and written by lobbyists. Radical, no?

SB1664 is the One Subject at a Time Act which would end omnibus bills where everything including the kitchen sink is included in bills, requiring each bill to stand alone on one subject only.

SB1665 is the Read The Bills Act, which is my personal favorite. This would require each bill to be read aloud before the vote is taken. This would prevent many of the unpleasant surprises hidden in legislation. If this becomes law, maybe they could hire Phil Hare to read them, since he bravely read the Obamacare bill THREE TIMES!

I have Fawell’s campaign website on my blogroll, not because I necessarily think he will be able to overcome the challenges of running as an Independent, but because he is interesting and so far he is the only candidate for 17th CD who is actually talking about issues and things that matter.

Fawell stands alone as the “better choice” and maybe the ONLY choice between two Establishment Party candidates who have very few differences and very much in common.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

10 thoughts on ““A Better Choice””

  1. It still bugs me that even Republicans attacked Cruz for shutting down government. Reid stood there and stated “I will not do this piecemeal”, when funding for everything was on his desk, except a couple points on Obamacare.

    So Reid openly stated he was the one shutting it down, he was the one demanding all or nothing in his omnibus bill that buries all the crap. Yet Boehner cuts the knees out from under him by taking the blame, and of course the media only repeated the Dem talking points. And “my way or the highway” Obama still gets off with his “they won’t negotiate” claims.

    Fawell looks interesting … he must be bald and ugly since his website doesn’t have his picture. ha.

    His writings sound interesting:

    ” Authoring New American Revolution: The Constitutional Overthrow of the United States Government in 2011, Bill is finishing his study on Liberty, in The Science of Liberty: American Reformation & Renaissance which will be free to all in eBook form. It will also appear for free on this website for those without an eBook reader.”

  2. Agree 100% with you that Fawell is “interesting”. Don’t know what you’re dealing with in the 18th CD (or whatever it is now), but in the 17th CD, the Bustos vs. Schilling race is like pitting a carton of vanilla yogurt against a plate of plain pasta. πŸ˜€

  3. Schock will apparently win over some guy named miller that got under 7000 votes in the primary. You inspired me to look it up. πŸ™‚

    “Miller describes himself as a Mennonite farmer”

    Hmmm … wonder where he stands on cow farts and global warming? He will at least make some of the back to the earth people happy.

  4. So a vote for Miller is a vote for unrestricted cow farts?

    Sounds like a winning issue—who could possibly be against cow flatulence? The poor things would explode if forced to hold it in—and what an environmental disaster THAT would be! πŸ˜€

  5. ha … no, it was part of the anti-meat thing I think. Farts are methane, which is like ten times more potent as a greenhouse gas … so another excuse to make us all vegetarians I guess. And probably they had to explain the middle ages warm period, so blamed farming or something. It’s all malarky, so kinda hard to keep up.

    So Miller might eliminate all fossil fuels, but he still has to answer for his farts (contending that he is responsible for his cows’ flatulence). Schock should question him on that in their first debate. πŸ˜‰

    here ya go … Google brought it right up


  6. Apparently all you have to do to “run for Congress” now is have a website and send out a press release. Never mind raising money or actually getting on the ballot.

  7. Not sure what your point is AH—the bar is set so high for those outside the Establishment Parties, it is almost impossible for anyone to challenge the status quo.

    If I understand Fawell’s position, he had attempted to get on the Constitution/Libertarian ballot and failed that, so now he is running as a write in. Unless the law has changed from the last time I tried to vote for a write in, a voter must specifically ask an election official for a ballot with the name of the write in—you cannot just use the regular ballot.

    So I don’t think Fawell will be any threat to the Establishment Party candidates, but at least he is talking about issues and making a stand, which I haven’t noticed from either Establishment Party candidate.

    Since I no longer have links to media/blogs in other parts of the 17th, I checked the websites of Bustos/Schilling. Bustos is mostly about playing Santa Claus Is Coming To Town and something called Refueling Assistance Act, which I was going to blog about until I realized I’d already blogged about it in July ’11 when Mike Jacobs was touting it.

    There was nothing recent on Schilling’s website, so I went to Facebook which was all about photos of parades.

    So there just isn’t much discussion of policy. Maybe that will change later on—or maybe not.

  8. QCE, I just want to see candidates work hard. If they don’t do that, I’m not impressed. This is why I’ve been so impressed with Kim Lazenby this year. She’s working her butt off.

    Fawell got what, three or four articles from a press release, and reportedly did no leg work to get the 14,000 signatures he needed to run. Yes, that’s an absurd number of signatures, but if you’re going to announce you’re running and announce you’re going to get the signatures, you need to do it.

    Alex Fulton didn’t even run in the primary, and then when he had the chance to be appointed to run against Verschoore, he didn’t get the signatures.

    Eric Reyes ran a great campaign on social media… and did nothing else and failed to get 600 signatures. The list goes on and on.

    I’ve seen countless Republicans “run for office” in the past few years, putting their names on the ballot, and then do nothing else. Stop wasting everyone’s time. If you’re going to run, RUN. Work your ass off. Knock doors, raise money, and RUN a campaign.

    Anything less is a disservice to yourself and to those who support you.

  9. Only in Illinois is this guy from Galena a news note. He is a good side note to the Congresswoman who is a footnote, Cheri “give me a photo-op” Bustos.

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