Try (Just A Little Bit Harder)

In a letter to the editor of QCOnline Bernie Thiergart makes the case for Kim Lazenby as County Clerk:

“Kim Lazenby, who is extremely qualified to be our next county clerk, has said she will leave all the microphones on all the time [at county board meetings].”

Because it seems the current clerk wastes too much time turning the board member’s microphones on and off—or something.

I know Bernie means well and is just as anxious for Lazenby to be elected as I am, but Lazenby’s supporters are going to have to step up their game in order to give the heavily entrenched and funded Kinney the heave-ho.

Kinney has been clerk for some time; there surely must be something more pressing and important to bring to voters attention than microphone dancing.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

5 thoughts on “Try (Just A Little Bit Harder)”

  1. Lazenby is doing the work!!! She’s walking door-to-door more than any Republican candidate in the Quad Cities right now. GOOD FOR HER!!!

  2. She is the new and exciting along with WOZ, Fulton not, and the new and improved Neil Anderson.

  3. I saw Lazenby and Kinney at the 4th of July parade on Friday. Lazenby looked HOT.

    She is definitely the Sarah Palin of RICO. She’s got the looks and she’s got the smarts.

    I also saw the RICO leader Bill Bloom out pounding pavement on the 4th. This is going to be a special year for RICO.

    You just wait and see!

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