Grasping At Straws

From a press release on his Facebook by GOP candidate Neil Anderson wherein he…“questioned the motive of Governor Quinn for his stop in the Quad Cities to sign legislation that he didn’t need to waste taxpayer money by traveling to sign. The stunt is expected to help boost his ally Senator Mike Jacobs re-election effort in a campaign largely expected to be the most competitive in the State this year.”

A few comments:

1. Take a look at that first sentence. Who is writing his press releases—his kids? I read it three times, and it still didn’t make sense.

2. Quinn’s “motive” isn’t to pump up Jacobs, it is to pump up himself by playing Santa Claus Is Coming To Town in order to throw around taxpayer $$$$ for votes. I know this is true because this is what incumbents always do and because last I checked, Quinn’s approval rating was around 30 while I suspect Jacobs has much higher numbers.

3. Is it really true that the 36th is the “most competitive”? If so, amazing.

4. Casting further doubt that this is a “stunt” to “boost” Jacobs, take a look at the photo gallery in this QCOnline report about Quinn’s appearance. You’ll notice Jacobs is uncharacteristically lurking in the background rather than being up front and joined at Quinn’s hip where the action is. Surprisingly, it is John Thodos and Pat Verschoore who are hogging the camera. Is Thodos running for something? It has been said that the most dangerous spot in the world is between a Jacobs and a camera—it just didn’t happen this time, which makes me think Jacobs was trying to disassociate himself from the hapless governor.

5. And speaking of Governor Hapless, go to the QCO link to read this hootalicious quote from Quinn who is trying to justify spending taxpayer $$$$ on subsidizing Big Business Airline travel from DC to QC:

“Folks have lots of things to see here [in the QCs]…including eagles and the Mississippi River.”

Yeah, I’m sure the denizens of DC, Maryland and Virginia will be flocking to the QCs to see the Wonders Of The QCs now that they will have non-stop service.

Finally, Anderson needs to step up his game unless he wants this contest to be Bambi v. Godzilla. Jacobs has a long voting record and a habit of saying stupid stuff; claiming the unpopular Quinn came to town to promote Jacobs is just batpoop crazy.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

4 thoughts on “Grasping At Straws”

  1. Rep Smiddy beat Rich Morthland 52-48.

    Rep Bustos beat Bob Schilling 54-46.

    Senator Jacobs beat Bill Albracht 55-45.

    Bustos from leaning Democrat to likely Democrat.

    If this is the closest thing to a close race in the Senate the Republicans have real problem.

  2. Linda, the trend lines are great for this race.

    We know Jacobs and Quinn don’t get along. The average voter does not. They need to tie Quinn-Jacobs together.

  3. I am sure Jacobs has all of the things that worked against Anderson before.

    Rep Verschoore 64% vs 36% Anderson.

    36% is just plain pathetic and Anderson is no Medal of Honor applicant Bill Albracht.

    Jacobs will run with Senator Dick Durbin who will be a big winner and distance himself from Gov Quinn who will be a close winner.

    Jacobs 60% Anderson 40%.

  4. I might have been wrong about Jacobs distancing himself (physically) from Governor Hapless. Taking another look at the QCO photo gallery, there are some photos of Jacobs at Quinn’s side. However, the Dem who IS hanging back is Smiddy—The Woz Effect!

    Either way I would think this bit of election year pork would have limited ability to garner votes for Dems. Supposedly it was the Arsenal that was demanding non-stop service to DC, but comments have been made that most of the command has been relocated to Alabama. Quinn also said Deere would benefit, but they have a fleet of private jets with no need for this subsidized service. Besides, if this was such a must-do for the QCs, wouldn’t Iowa have chipped in some, since they stand to benefit? Iowa is certainly in better financial shape than Illinois.

    I would think the majority of voters would consider the $$$ spent on this narrow subsidy benefiting only a few would be better spent elsewhere.

    But rather than focus on that angle, for whatever reason Anderson chose to attempt to tie Jacobs to Quinn.

    I guess we’ll know if it works in November.

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