What’s The Matter With District 1?

Last night the Rock Island County Board held a vote of no confidence for chairman Phil Banaszek, the breakdown being:

15 – No Confidence In The Philster
4 – Phil’s Okey-Dokey
5 – Abstain

The voting was pretty much as you would expect, the 15 were a mixed bag of Dems and GOPers, the abstainers were all Dems, but the surprise was in the 4 no votes—3 were hardcore Dems and — GOPer Chris Filbert who represents my former District 1. What’s up with that? I realize she isn’t up for re-election until ’16, but why would she vote AGAINST no confidence? Has Upper County, which in my time was the GOP Rebel Stronghold, turned leftwing? In all the accounts I’ve read about this, including QCOnline, Filbert never made any statement about her vote, although many others were happy to share their views.

But if District 1 has suddenly turned left since my departure, it wouldn’t surprise me more than the issues under discussion at this board meeting—all made by Democrats:

***require all to sign county ethics policy annually
***hire a professional administrator
***no longer allow board members to accept pensions and health benefits
***downsize board from bloated 25 members and push AG Madigan to issue a ruling pronto
***switch to non-partisan elections.

Holy cow! RICO Democrat strongmen like Gianulius and Winstein must be leaping out of their graves! Rock Island has turned upside down—Democrats are talking like GOPers and GOPers are voting like Democrats!


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

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