It’s Only (Other People’s) Money

QC Botanical Center receives $520,000 state grant

And why not? Illinois is flush with cash, all bills paid to date, pension 100% funded, everything hunky-dory so why not throw some extra cash around to the fringe?

Looking forward to the dirty back room deal Quinn makes with the public employee unions like he did last time. Really, what are tax dollars for if not for buying union votes?

Or to buy ANY votes?


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

6 thoughts on “It’s Only (Other People’s) Money”

  1. Speaking of It’s Only (Other People’s) money, via twitter @ericjtimmons “235@ASFCME members of Hope Creek Care Center will get a 1% raise as part of a new contract agreed with Rock Island County.

    And why not? RICO has no financial worries and is flush with cash, etc.etc.

  2. I for one love the botanical center and am happy to have our tax dollars support it.

    Ed. Note: Thanks for the Democrat drive by comment Julie—you always add so much to the conversation

  3. Botanical Gardens make a community a community. I am pleased the Democrats in power put our community needs ahead of tax refunds.

  4. I don’t recall “the Democrats in power” ever advocating for “tax refunds”—please enlighten us. Where is this money coming from since the “Democrats in power” have been cryin’ and moanin’ the state is broke, and “the most vulnerable among us” ™ will suffer without more tax money, which the “Democrats in power” declined to raise before the end of the session and the coming election?

    And if, as you say, the “Botanical Gardens makes a community” and is so important to “community” why doesn’t the “community” fund it rather than taxpayers in Cairo, Quincy, Chicago, Kankakee and Rockford who couldn’t give two hoots about the Botanical Gardens?

    Or, in your view, is Illinois just one vast “community” of grifters?

  5. Illinois is seeing a huge influx of people since the repeal of the 67% tax relief.
    Our community is flourishing.

  6. Do you have some fax to back that up Julie, or by “community” do you mean Iowa QCs?

    If you don’t produce some proof of “huge influx of people”, this will be your last drive by.

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