You Don’t Have To Have Your Head Up Your Keester To Be An Illinois State Senator…

but it helps!

Asked to comment on Caterpillar closing three plants and moving them to Michigan, Sen. Mike Jacobs, whose district includes Sterling, rejected any governmental responsibility for the loss of jobs and completely denied reality:

“…[Jacobs] called the situation ‘unfortunate’, but said he disagrees with the notion that Illinois is bleeding jobs. He says Caterpillar is doing what’s best for business…’Caterpillar made a business decision to move to another state’.”

Thank you Captain Obvious! But please do tell why Michigan has a better business climate than Illinois.

Blaming “business decisions” for the move while ignoring the enormous influence Illinois state policies have on these “decisions”, Jacobs washes his hands of any blame for job losses in his district.

Because in order to make the state more business friendly, Jacobs and his Democrat cronies would have to gore some pretty wealthy and powerful sacred cows like Big Labor and trial lawyers, to say nothing of the Sacred Pillars of Liberalism: High corporate tax and harsh regulations.

No, Mike isn’t interested in creating jobs, he just wants you to deny reality and vote for Democrats.

If Neil Anderson was an aggressive candidate—and maybe he is, he would go up to Sterling on a campaign trip and show all the workers who will be getting the heave-ho how indifferent Mike Jacobs is to their plight—it’s just “unfortunate” and there is nothing poor little ol’ Mikey can do about it—he’s just a victim, like them!

Anderson needs to make the case that there IS something to be done about the terrible business climate in Illinois and that Jacobs and his party are blocking the way to a better life.


Author: qcexaminer

None of your damned business.

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